Janet Nguyen out of a job?

An inside GOP source told me today that Janet Nguyen, the Garden Grove Council member who ran, for a brief time, for the 68th Assembly District, has been let go from her position with the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce. I had my contact call the Chamber to verify this, and they did. She no longer works there.

Who knows why Nguyen and the Chamber are separating, but it is interesting timing given the dashing of her Assembly campaign, once the incumbent in the 68th, Van Tran, pulled out of the race for the 34th Senate District. Since then Nguyen ruffled more conservative feathers by backing RINO Lynn Daucher for the 34th.

I don’t think I have ever seen an up and comer like Nguyen flame out so quickly. Perhaps she will recover from all this, but I know her campaign angered a lot of people when she viciously attacked conservative Jim Righeimer when he too was running for the 68th. That is no way to make friends in the O.C. GOP.

Perhaps Nguyen will land on her feet, but supporting Daucher will cost her the next time she runs for higher office. The conservative base won’t forget about Daucher, or about the abuse heaped on Righeimer by the Nguyen Assembly campaign. If Nguyen runs, as rumored, for the OC Board of Supervisors, if Lou Correa moves on to the State Senate, I expect the GOP base will have nothing to do with her. There will be plenty of other Republican candidates to consider.

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