It’s a race in the 34th State Senate District!

I spoke yesterday to a political pro who has been following both sides of the race in the 34th State Senate District. Apparently early polling is showing RINO Lynn Daucher with a small advantage over conservative Lupe Moreno, at 43% versus 35%. As I have contended from the beginning, this race is winnable for Moreno, and these numbers underscore that.

I also found out yesterday that Moreno has retained a campaign manager – which is great news. Her website will be redone entirely by next week, and she will soon open a campaign office. One thing I have learned about Moreno is that she is a very resolute person. She has already raised several thousand dollars, and more is coming in every day. Daucher’s campaign should not underestimate her.

In the meantime, it is quickly getting very dirty over in the Democrat side of the aisle. Tom Umberg viciously attacked Lou Correa at an Orange County Democrat Party meeting recently, as reported by my co-blogger Claudio Gallegos. Now the blogosphere is rife with innuendo that Correa, like Umberg, has been less than devoted to his wife. I find that very hard to believe. It is also an odious turn in the race. Clearly the Democrat candidates are going to bloody each other in the primary. The winner will emerge with mortal wounds.

The same insider who gave me the polling numbers regarding Daucher vs. Moreno says that Umberg, were he to win the primary, would barely have an edge over Moreno, in a theoretical general election. Correa however would have a broader advantage in the same circumstances. Daucher loses the general no matter whom she opposes.

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