Santa Ana rocked by Chicano rioters

It took me an hour and a half to pick up my daughter from Santa Ana High School today. Normally I can pick her up in half an hour. Today however the rioters ruled the night. Reportedly there were police officers from ten cities engaged in protecting the County Hall of Administration, the County Courthouse and the Ronald Reagan Federal Building.

I saw plenty as I inched down Bristol, then Raitt, then McFadden. There was an endless parade of cars and light trucks. Many of the latter featured Latino youths in the beds of the trucks, holding Mexican flags. That is of course not safe, but it is also quite stupid. What were these people thinking? All they did was scare the area voters. Lupe Moreno should do quite well now in the upcoming primary for the 34th State Senate District.

The real damage wrought by the protestors lies in the moderate voters that they ar now turning against them. One of the ladies at my office had Clipper box seat tickets this weekend. She got caught in the maelstrom of rioters. She and her son never made it to the game. She never thought about immigration before – now she wants the border secured. Can’t say that I blame her.

I have to wonder if Nativo Lopez orchestrated the riots in Santa Ana? It sure looked like his handiwork. He is famous for convincing young people to skip school in order to work on political campaigns. He is now the head of MAPA, an organization dedicated to Latinos interested in political power. I guess he has a subcommittee dedicated to rioting.

So much for the Santa Ana City Council’s effort to portray this city as the heart of Orange County. The PR campaign was trashed by the protestors today. There was not much to be proud of in Santa Ana today.

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