Carona taking hits from all directions – but will it be enough to sink his battleship?

Incumbent O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona probably thought he was headed for an easy reelection, but this week the sh*t hit the fan – as the Times, the O.C. Weekly and the O.C. Register all took aim and nailed Carona, as follows:

Carona: Laughing his way to victory, O.C. Weekly, at This article chronicles once more all of Carona’s gaffes, and it includes an embarrassing shot of Carona’s derriere.

High Noon Is Near for Sheriff Candidates, L.A. Times, at,1,4495809.column?coll=la-editions-orange. Columnist Dana Parsons writes about what might happen if the Assn. of Orange County Deputy Sheriffs endorses Carona’s main threat – Lt. Bill Hunt.

And last but not least, the O.C. Register’s Peggy Lowe sits down with Carona and conducts a pretty tough interview, entitled “Carona responds to his doubters,” at When Lowe asks Carona why he is running despite a campaign promise to serve only two terms, he responds with a rambling diatribe that in fact does not address why he is running. Then, when asked how he could have prevented all of his problems, he blames George Jaramillo, his disgraced and fired aide. That despite the fact that insiders in the deparment warned Carona not to hire Jaramillo – but he did anyway. And of course he blames the media.

Carona is one People Magazine article away from losing his campaign. But will Hunt be able to raise enough money to take out Carona? Is Ralph Martin going to be a factor in this race? Can Martin somehow come away with the AOCDS endorsement? Will Hunt win it – and then go on to blow out Carona? So many questions…I think that the O.C. Weekly’s R. Scott Moxley is correct – a Carona loss will be a huge blow to the local media. Surely no other O.C. Sheriff will every get in as much trouble as Carona.

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