About that Channel 7 newscast…I am not a Minuteman

I received a call yesterday from Channel 7 News in Los Angeles. They wanted to put Lupe Moreno on to talk about the protests in Los Angeles, against HR 4437, the Sensenbrenner immigration bill. Unfortunately she was in Temecula all day at a Minuteman protest, and Rosie Avila was sick and unavailable. So I got stuck responding to the protests. They were supposed to introduce me as a campaign advisor to Moreno, or as a OC GOP Central Committee candidate – but instead they decided to say I was a Minuteman member. For the record – I am not. Consider this my clarification! I don’t get involved in political organizations outside of the GOP. I don’t think I was set up by Channel 7 – but they clearly got it wrong. Oh well – I hope next time Moreno is available. She would benefit from the publicity more than I.

As for my position on the protests – I think it is wrong for the protestors to wave Mexican flags – that only serves to undercut their position. I also am appalled that students were urged last Friday to leave their schools in order to protest. That is counter-productive and sets a bad precedent.

HR 4437 does a lot of good things, in my opinion. It increases our border security and does away with guest worker progams. It also fines businesses for employing those who are here illegally. As for the 12 million undocumented residents in our country, we still need to do something to formalize their status, but it should not be citizenship. If anything, they need to receive some kind of work permit so that they can start paying taxes like the rest of us.

Democrat George Putnam, a noted radio talkshow host, wrote an editorial about HR 4437 that bears noting. He found out that the Mexican Constitution allows that government to jail foreigners who involve themselves in the political affairs of that country. Very interesting – and yet Mexican nationals can protest to their heart’s content here in the U.S. That’s fine – we believe in free speech – but it sure makes Mexico’s government seem hypocritical, given that they have been buying full page ads in U.S. newspapers damning HR 4437. You can read the Putnam editorial at http://www.newsmax.com/archives/articles/2006/3/24/134722.shtml.

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