Poll reveals weak support for Jim Silva in the 67th Assembly District

I just received an interesting poll from National Research, Inc., revealing that outgoing O.C. Supervisor Jim Silva, a career politician, is supported mainly by moderate men – and that, as it turns out, is a very small slice of the electorate in the district in question.

Silva’s numbers reflect that only 30% of the voters polled have a favorable opinion of him, which is pathetic for a guy with his experience. Of those voters, only 8% are “very favorable.” In a three-way ballot with conservative Cypress Councilman Mike McGill and liberal (and unqualified) Diane Harman, Silva garners 31% of the vote, but only 8% claim that they are definitely voting for him.

Even Silva’s old base of Huntington Beach is slipping away from him, as over 25% of the voters in that city are still undecided.

Silva and McGill are tied with the most engaged voters. Harman only received 16% support amongst these voters, who are defined as those who are most aware of the race.

In a development I predicted, Harman and Silva essentially share the same squishy base of liberal/moderate voters. Harman’s negatives are high – 12% unfavorable. That is not good news for either of them, as conservatives outstrip liberals/moderates in this district by a factor of 7 out of 10 voters. Interestingly, most voters see Silva as liberal or moderate, and 54% have no idea what his ideology is. That sounds about right – I doubt anyone knows how this guy is going to vote, except for the unions, who know he will always go their way.

When voters are informed of McGill’s background and views, he comes up with 48% of the vote, compared to 18% for Harman and a stunningly low 11% for Silva. Indeed two-thirds of Silva’s supporters abandon him when they are informed about his sad record and views.

I don’t know how the voters polled in this study were selected, or what their makeup was. You can contact the pollsters at www.nationalresearchinc.com if you want more information.

Now would be a good time for the remaining conservatives who are still supporting Silva to jump ship and join the McGill effort!

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