GOP needs to step up for Ryan Gene Williams in the 69th Assembly District

I wonder if California Republican Party leaders understand that if Ryan Gene Williams was not running for the 69th Assembly District, we would not have a candidate? How embarrassing would that be? Apparently not that much, as the party leadership has yet to do anything to help young Williams. It is disgusting.

Williams travelled up to San Jose and attended the recent CRP convention, but it didn’t help when local political consultant Adam Probolsky introduced Williams to Kevin McCarthy, who at the time was the GOP Assembly Leader, as “a guy who has no chance to win.” Nice. Even if you believe that, it is crude and discourteous to introduce a candidate in that manner. I expected better from Probolsky. Running for office is no easy matter and Williams ought to be thanked for doing it, not insulted.

McCarthy is now running for the U.S. House of Representatives, and the new Assembly leader is George Plescia, of San Diego. I urge Plescia to do the right thing and at least help Williams to pay for his ballot statement. Whatever any of you might think of him, he is at least saving our party from the embarrassment of not having a candidate in the 69th Assembly District. That ought to be worth something.

You can contact Plescia at Please ask him to support the Williams campaign. You can find out more about Williams at:

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