Ackerman is worried about Moreno in the 34th

Lupe Moreno reports that Republican State Senate Leader Dick Ackerman called her tonight and tried to get her to pull out of the race for the 34th State Senate District. He referred to liberal Republican Lynn Daucher as the best candidate, but did qualify that by telling Moreno that he wished that he had known that she was running ten months ago as he would have interviewed her. Yeah right.

Let’s be honest about all this – Moreno is Ackerman’s worst nightmare. She won’t have any trouble getting free press, or money. She is getting a lot of support out there and will be setting up a campaign account by week’s end. Her website should be up by next week.

The 34th favors Latino candidates, and Moreno is already a known quantity to conservatives. The press is salivating over her. She appeared on the George Putnam radio show today, and was set to be interviewed by Telemundo tonight. I know we will hear her on the John and Ken Show on KFI before long. You can bet that Daucher will have to pay for her spots.

Ackerman thought he won when Van Tran pulled out of the race for the 34th. Actually now he is in even hotter water. Even if Moreno loses, she will damage Daucher going into the general. If Moreno gets within ten points of Daucher in the primary, Correa will eat her alive in the general. Again, I don’t see Tom Umberg making it out of the primary.

Moreno told Ackerman she would “think about it,” but rest assured, she is in this for the long haul. And she is not alone. Conservatives are waking up – she is our candidate and we must not let Ackerman get away with driving Tran out of the primary. I think she can beat Daucher, and wouldn’t that be the grandest comeuppance to Ackerman?

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