Tran out of the race for the 34th – Lupe it’s up to you!

Steve Greenhut just dropped a bomb over at his blog. Thanks to Allan Bartlett for the heads up. Van Tran just dropped out of the race for the 34th State Senate District, citing the impossibility of being able to raise money in the general. Well, he is right about that. Ackerman swore he would withhold help for Tran, so now he gets his way and Lynn Daucher is presumably going to face off with Lou Correa in the general.

Or is she? Lupe Moreno is still in this thing. She is now our default conservative candidate. My friends, we must not let Daucher win this primary. It is time now to get behind Moreno and do our level best to take out Daucher. We cannot let Ackerman get away with what he did to Tran.

My fellow Republicans, please let me know your thoughts on this. I stand behind my original sentiment that if Daucher wins the primary, I will be backing Correa. (I don’t see Umberg making it out of the primary). However, I intend to do everything in my power to help Moreno overturn Daucher. This is a matter of principle. If you want to help out Moreno, please contact me at this email address I am setting up for the Moreno effort:

You can read the Greenhut posts at By the way, don’t be surprised if Janet Nguyen ends up running for the 47th Congressional District now that she cannot run for the 68th Assembly District. I don’t know what Righeimer will do, but perhaps he will wait and see if Correa wins the 34th, then run for his Supervisorial seat.

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