Santa Ana promoting Measure M on city website

I received a tip today that the City of Santa Ana is promoting Measure M on their city website. I could not believe it, but sure enough, they are, at:

I don’t think that it is illegal for the city to engage in this PR campaign, however given that there is going to be a Measure M renewal campaign, it is at the very least a possibilty that this site could be construed to be a polticial contribution to the renewal campaign. It may turn out not to be illegal, but on the surface it does not appear to be ethical.

I for one do not intend to support the renewal of Measure M, because so much of the Measure M proceeds have been wasted on the promotion of light rail, which is considered by many experts to be a boondoggle for taxpayers. What we really need is more freeway and street improvements, less carpool lanes, and more new freeways or toll roads.

You have to wonder if Santa Ana Council Member Jose Solorio had something to do with this, given that he works for the O.C.T.A. If you would like to ask him about this, send your email messages to Be sure to copy Santa Ana Mayor Miguel Pulido at

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