Janet Nguyen Assembly campaign update

Nguyen Assembly campaign update

Janet Nguyen, the Garden Grove City Council Member who is running for the 68th Assembly District, has hired a top-notch campaign staff, according to the Flash Report and OC Blog. The staff includes: Gilliard, Blanning, Wysocki & Associates; Kevin Spillane as her senior advisor assisting with communications and strategy; Arnie Steinberg is her pollster; Wendy Warfield is in charge of fundraising.

I also finally found Nguyen’s website, via google.com. It is http://www.janetforassembly.com/. There is not much to the site currently. It is essentially her latest press release, announcing her endorsement by two Assembly members who do not represent Orange County: Sharon Runner and Audra Strickland.

Spillane has been around, and is well-respected. I searched for his name on google.com and found that he was involved in the last Riordan campaign for Governor, against Bill Simon, and he also helped out Rosario Marin when she last ran for the U.S. Senate.

Dave Gilliard is very well-connected in Sacramento, but he has been knocked in the past for spending money like it is going out of style. He is also an expert at chasing absentee votes, which helped John Campbell get to the U.S. House of Representatives.

Nguyen’s campaign team is experienced and expensive. That tells me that she is taking her campaign seriously, and she is expecting to raise a lot of money. Her primary opponent, Jim Righeimer, is a master of fundraising, but it looks like he is going to have his hands full dealing with Nguyen.

To make matters worse for Righeimer, someone has set up a very nasty website attacking him on several levels, at http://www.righeimerexposed.com/. Here are a few excerpts from this site: “Court records show that Jim Righeimer has been sued multiple times for breach of contract, fraud, failure to pay his bills, negligence and shoddy construction. The court even had to garnish his salary to collect judgments against him. It doesn’t stop there. He’s had multiple liens placed against him for failure to pay state and federal taxes and has had a warrant issued for his arrest in 1994.”

I don’t know if these charges will hold water, but they sure won’t help and if any of this gets picked up by the mainstream media, Righeimer will be in a real fix. Also, I finally found his website, (http://www.jimforassembly.com/) but it is just a logo. It must still be in development. Plus the URL does not turn up when you search for it on google.com. His web team may have not done a good job of making it available to search engines. In either case, he needs to either revamp his site and make it easier to find as soon as possible.

Many voters get turned off by negative campaigning. One Garden Grove activist even told me that he does not like either Nguyen or Righeimer, and he is waiting to see who else might decide to run.

I have no idea who the Democrats will be running, but I don’t think it will be Al Snook. His health has been an issue in the last few years. However, the Democrats might have an opportunity here to pick up a seat, if the GOP candidates destroy each other in the primary. One of them will prevail, but might emerge from the primary with mortal wounds that a slick Democrat will be able to take advantage of.

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