Lupe Moreno ready to run in the 34th State Senate District!

Moreno ready to run in the 34th State Senate District

I had an opportunity to meet with Lupe Moreno tonight. As revealed on this blog by my co-blogger, Claudio Gallegos, and by Jubal over at OC Blog, Moreno is indeed running. My readers may recall that I wrote about this some time ago, but in the interim it appeared for a time that Moreno was going to back out. Now she is halfway done collecting the requisite signatures, and she is excited about her campaign for the 34th State Senate District.

Moreno works for the O.C. Social Services agency, and she serves on the Santa Ana Public Library Board. That should make for an interesting ballot designation: social worker/city commissioner. That should sell in central Orange County!

I asked Moreno why she was running, and her answers were not what you might expect. She noted that she has lived in the area for over 30 years, and that she is the only Republican candidate who lives in Santa Ana. “Our city deserves representation,” said Moreno, adding that “Daucher lives in north Orange County, and no one in our area knows who she is.”

Moreno also mentioned that she feels that her status as a working mother and a Latina should be attractive to the blue collar workers in the district. When I asked her about immigration, she did admit that it is important to her to stop illegal immigration to our country, but she also is concerned about lowering taxes and breaking up the public school monopoly. She actually had a letter published in the Register today regarding Measure M. Predictably she is against renewing it. I could not agree more!

Moreno admires one of her GOP opponents, Van Tran, but not Daucher. Ultimately she feels she has a chance to win this race, but will be happy if she can at least undermine Daucher by attracting women voters to her cause.

We also talked about her campaign strategy. Expect that a website will be up soon. She will be helped by O.C. anti-illegal immigration activists Jim Gilchrist and Barbara Coe. Moreno also figures to field a lot of inquiries from the media.

If nothing else, Moreno’s entry into the race for the 34th is bound to make this already hot contest even hotter. She knows that the Democrats will have a field day going after her. She is not concerned. She wanted a platform to discuss her issues – well now she has one, and won’t be letting go for anyone. Will she stay in the race? “I think so,” she said, “but let’s see what happens.”

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