The struggle in the 34th State Senate District hints at a partywide problem in the O.C. GOP

The struggle in the 34th State Senate District hints at a partywide problem in the O.C. GOP

O.C. Register editorial columnist Steven Greenhut did a great job of summarizing the state of things in the race for the 34th State Senate District, in today’s paper. His commentary, entitled “A competitive race in the heart of O.C.,” is available at

My favorite paragraph explains what California State Senator Dick Ackerman, the ostensible leader of the GOP in the State Senate, is up to: “Unfortunately for Republicans, their chance to pick up a rare competitive seat is jeopardized by Ackerman, who is backing Assemblywoman Lynn Daucher, R-Brea. Ackerman has threatened to withhold party funds if Tran wins the nomination.”

I’ve said this before, and no doubt I’ll say it again before the upcoming elections are at an end: our party leadership in O.C. is surely under the influence of illicit substances, and we need to do some drug tests. Ackerman is leading the pack by backing the most liberal Republican in the O.C., but locally, in my city of Santa Ana, past O.C. party chair Tom Fuentes is backing a former Democrat against conservative Rosie Avila for the 47th congressional district, and most party leaders are backing the tarnished Sheriff, Mike Carona, and the union sycophant, Jim Silva, in their respective races. To say nothing of Anaheim Mayor Curt Pringle and his ill-fated campaign to prevent a businessman from doing what he wants to do with his property.

What has happened to the Republican Party of Orange County? We’ve somehow lost focus and laid aside our principles in the process. What hope do we have statewide if we cannot get our own house in order? The race for the 34th is important, but it is emblematic of a greater struggle which has seen us circle our own instead of the enemy. Disaster can be the only outcome – until we clean our house of all the purported conservatives who worship power and money now instead of the truth and the principles that they used to believe in.

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