Tom Fuentes working for the Tan Nguyen campaign?

Fuentes working for the Nguyen campaign?

An anonymous blogger posted a comment on OC Blog today insinuating that Tan Nguyen, the former Democrat who is running in the GOP primary against Santa Ana School Board Member Rosie Avila, for the 47th Congressional District, paid Tom Fuentes to work on his campaign. I took the time to look up Nguyen’s campaign filings, and sure enough he paid Fuentes a total of $10,000. However, the report is murky as to what Fuentes did to earn the money.

It turns out that Fuentes, the former Chair of the Republican Party of Orange County, is indeed acting as a senior adviser to Nguyen, according to Nguyen’s latest mailer. You might recall that Nguyen has dedicated about $250,000 of his own money to his campaign. His latest filing indicates that he is now $57,000 in the hole. That’s not good.

I already commented on Nguyen’s first political mailer, and this week I received the follow-up, which announces Fuentes’ connection to the Nguyen campaign. The funny thing is that the picture on the back of the slick, cardstock piece depicts Fuentes in all his glory – and the back of Nguyen’s head. It is a photo taken at an appearance made by Congressman Tom Reynolds, who is displayed in profile. But poor Nguyen – all you see is one ear and his back. Well done Tom – at least you got yourself a little publicity, and $10,000 to boot.

What really galls me about all this is that Nguyen’s Republican adversary, Avila, has been a lifelong good Republican soldier. Fuentes knows that but he is backing Nguyen because the latter has money, or rather he had money. Not so anymore, apparently.

What in the world has gotten into the Orange County GOP machine? Party leader Dick Ackerman is backing RINO Lynn Daucher against conservative Van Tran, in the heated race for the 34th State Senate District; Fuentes is backing a recently converted Democrat against the experienced conservative Avila, for the 47th Congressional District; and the entire GOP machine is backing the bumbling atrocity that is O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona. Not to mention the many Republicans who are favoring union sell-out Jim Silva over in the 67th Assembly District, over solid conservative Mike McGill, the Cypress Council Member. What gives? There must be something in our water…

Nguyen has shown me, by virtue of his atrocious campaign mailers, that he is not ready for prime time. Even if he wins the primary, which is a stretch, he will be eaten alive by the incumbent, the inexecrable Loretta Sanchez. Shame on Fuentes for not being loyal to Avila, who has been such a solid Republican leader in the otherwise blue central county area. Her overwhelming success on the Santa Ana School Board makes her a much better candidate than Nguyen, who is just the latest of so many Republican “businessmen” to waste his money in a political campaign he cannot possibly win.

You can look up Nguyen’s filings online at His website is available at

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