Local Republican congressmen strike out in D.C.

Local Republican congressmen strike out in D.C.

John Campbell made it to the House of Representatives, but he is showing his inexperience in the Beltway. He backed Roy blunt in the recent House leadership campaign, and John Boehner ended up getting the nod. Maybe Campbell will get a free pass due to his freshman status.

Darrell Issa, on the other hand, is no rookie in D.C. Campbell’s fellow Republican member of the House tried to join the House leadership, in the race for Republican Policy Committee chairman, but Rep. Adam Putnam of Florida got the job.

Maybe Issa and Campbell can console each other as they lick their respective wounds. The bigger issue now, of course, will be the upcoming mid-term elections.

Also, both Issa and Campbell were prominent backers of Arnold Schwarzenegger during the Gray Davis recall election. They have their hands full in D.C. but will likely do what they can for Schwarzenegger in his reelection campaign. However, it must be hard to get excited about helping him now that he has hired Susan Kennedy and gone off the deep end with regard to spending.

You can read more about Issa’s campaign at http://cbs2.com/californiawire/CA–GOPRace-Issa-kn/resources_news_html.

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