Nativo Lopez and Sheriff Carona aren’t buddies anymore

Nativo and Sheriff Carona aren’t buddies anymore

Did anyone note the irony when Nativo Lopez stood up at a meeting where Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona was pleading with Latino leaders to help him with his new plan to train deputies to enforce immigration laws? Just a few years ago Carona endorsed Lopez not once but twice, in successive elections, for the Santa Ana School Board. Now Lopez is calling for a boycott of the City of Costa Mesa, where Mayor Alan Mansoor is putting a plan in place that is similar to Carona’s. Lopez is also essentially promising civil disobedience and a protest march that is supposed to take place on President’s Day weekend.

I guess Lopez won’t be on Carona’s Christmas card list anymore. The fact that he is encouraging his followers to refuse to cooperate with police should be a wake-up call for everyone. Lopez has gone from being a poverty pimp, to being recalled from the Santa Ana School Board, to being a rabble-rouser in the same mold as Socialist President of Venezuela, Hugo Chavez. I have had enough of this guy – I think it is time to boycott Nativo and his ilk.

It would be easy to pull Nativo’s campaign finance records from his school board elections and identify who is business contributors are – and let them know that we are now officially boycotting them until such time that they repudicate Nativo’s dangerous antics. Furthermore, any businesspeople that are seen to be hanging around Nativo should also be put on notice that their respective businesses will be boycotted.

Lastly, if Nativo and his mob do decide to descent on the City of Costa Mesa, I say that the city should set up a checkpoint and try to identify any drunks that might be in their midst. These drunk driver checkpoints are common during holidays. Moreover, police should be on alert and should be ready to arrest any of Nativo’s allies who misbehave. They should be arrested for everything from jaywalking, to marching without a parade permit, to littering. They have a right to protest, but Costa Mesa’s police department has a right to make arrests for any disturbances or other criminal actions, even the most minor misdemeanors. If we’re lucky, some of these guys will be on parole or will be wanted for felonies. Then we can deport them and be done with them once and for all.

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