McGill not backing down against Silva in the battle for the 67th Assembly District

McGill not backing down against Silva in the battle for the 67th Assembly District

While most political activists are focusing on the emerging battle for the 68th Assembly District, and the ongoing ruckus for the 34th State Senate District, another war is brewing over in the 67th Assembly District, where outgoing Orange County Supervisor Jim Silva has all but assumed victory. He is opposed in the Republican primary by Mike McGill, a Marine who went on to serve as a council member and Mayor in the City of Cypress, and by Dianne Harman, whose call to fame appears to be the fact that she is married to Tom Harman, the termed out Assemblyman in the 67th.

If you would like to see a lengthy list of squishy Republicans, go to, where you can find out who is backing Harman. Take note that union sell-out and retired Orange County Supervisor Chuck Smith is on that list. You might want to keep a barf bag handy as you peruse the list of RINO Republicans who are enamored of Harman.

McGill, unlike Harman, appears to be a solid conservative. His endorsements certainly include leading O.C. conservatives, including Jim Lacy, Bill MacAloney, Judy Ahrens, and Alan Mansoor. McGill’s campaign celebrated at a kick-off rally last weekend with over 250 supporters. That’s impressive. I am told that most of them are precinct captains. I’ll say that for McGill – he knows how to rally the troops. Another blogger has indicated that he has had virtually no response in favor of Silva, while walking in the 67th. Hope springs eternal!

You can find out more about McGill at He appears to be an expert in solving the public employees pension problem, and McGill’s background in insurance should be helpful in that arena.

McGill may face additional competition if noted conservative Jim Righeimer decides to run for the 67th instead of taking on Janet Nguyen in the 68th. In the meantime, McGill is the clear conservative choice to replace Harman.

Silva has a ton of endorsements, but take note that his endorsers include pro-PLA union sell-outs Ken Maddox and Curt Pringle, and O.C. public employee pension pimp Bill Campbell. Silva is also endorsed by the pro-Daucher Dick Ackerman and Abel Maldonado. Even worse, he actually includes disgraced O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona on his list of supporters, at Silva even notes that he is supported by New Majority. Here’s hoping that McGill can take him out in the primary…

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