Janet Nguyen can be trusted on PLAs

Janet Nguyen can be trusted on PLAs

I just heard back from a friend who makes a living opposing government-mandated project labor agreements (PLAs). He says that Janet Nguyen, the Garden Grove City Council member who is running for the 68th Assembly District, can be trusted re PLAs. Apparently she was of great help in defeating a PLA, in her capacity as Vice President of Governmental and Public Affairs for the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce.

In the battle against the Long Beach PLA, Nguyen exhibited an understanding of what PLA’s were, why they are bad, and how it is not the government’s role to mandate unionism onto the public construction arena.

Nguyen was described to me as being articulate and conservative and full of youthful energy. In short, she seems like the perfect candidate to send to Sacramento.

I have argued in this blog that Nguyen’s primary opponent, Jim Righeimer, needs to run against Jim Silva for the 67th. That likely won’t happen, so it appears that the voters of the 68th will have to decide between Nguyen and Righeimer.

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