68th Assembly primary pits two conservatives against each other – Janet Nguyen and Jim Righeimer.

68th Assembly primary pits two conservatives against each other

The battle for the 34th State Senate District looks like it may be matched by the contest that is shaping up for Van Tran’s Assembly seat in the 68th Assembly District. Janet Nguyen, the former district director to union sell-out Ken Maddox will be facing off against Jim Righeimer, a conservative stalwart who has a solid record of taking on unions and the education establishment. But the burning question that no one is asking is why Righeimer isn’t running for the 67th Assembly District that is being vacated by Tom Harman?

You may recall that Righeimer was cheated out of victory in the 67th by Harman some years ago during the short-lived Open Primary. Harman was essentially elected then by Democrats who were allowed to vote in the GOP primary against Righeimer. So why, now that the 67th seat is wide open, is Righeimer not running for the seat he was cheated out of?

I have been advised that Righeimer apparently no longer lives in the 67th. He lives in Fountain Valley, which is now part of the 68th. So what? He is better known in the 67th. It is a simple matter to run in a neighboring district. Particularly when you have been gerrymandered out of your former district.

However, it is also apparent that Outgoing Orange County Supervisor Jim Silva has scared off the competition. Silva is running for the 67th, against Mike McGill, a council member in Cypress. McGill seems conservative, but he has some eminent domain issues. Silva on the other hand joined Bill Campbell and Chuck Smith in voting for the Orange County PLA, which banned non-union labor from county public works projects. That is a given, as is Silva’s vote for the odious public employees pension increase that may yet bankrupt Orange County. However, did Silva cut some kind of deal with Righeimer? We’ll find out shortly if Silva elects to endorse someone for the Tran seat.

The real question is where does Nguyen stand on PLAs, public employee pension increases, and eminent domain? I don’t care that she is pro-life, pro-guns, or where she stands on illegal immigrants. I want to know what her positions are on the important fiscal issues. Once she clears that up, I expect I will end up supporting her. Like Tran, she represents the future of Orange County, but we need to clear up those fiscal issues first.

The only things we know about Nguyen is that she is a council member in Garden Grove and she works for the Long Beach Chamber of Commerce. Let’s hope we learn more about her, and soon. And let us also hope that Righeimer comes to his senses and runs for the 67th. That is the battle we really need to see – Righeimer versus the squish Silva. Unless of course Nguyen is on the wrong side of the fiscal issues referenced herein. If that turns out to be the case, all bets are off and I will happily back Righeimer.

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