Van Tran is running for the 34th State Senate District, but is Daucher staying in the race?

Tran is running for the 34th State Senate District, but is Daucher staying in the race?

Jubal, at OC Blog, has posted that Van Tran is in fact set to announce his campaign for the 34th State Senate District on Monday. That is great news, but there is more to the story. I heard from an insider, on Friday, that Daucher was never that hot to run for the 34th. He claims that she was more interested in Margett’s seat, in the 29th State Senate District.

However Margett was first elected to the State Senate in 2000, reelected in 2004, and it looks like he won’t term out until 2008. His district includes quite a bit of north Orange County, and would be a better fit for Daucher.

Daucher would have to contend with plenty of L.A.-based candidates as the district includes a big chunk of L.A. County, including more conservative areas. Frankly, if she is out of office for two years, and then runs for the 29th, she will not have much of a chance, ergo Ackerman’s wish to see her elected to the 34th.

Bottom line – I don’t think her heart is fully into running for the 34th. A friend of mine in the legislature actually thinks she will pull out of the primary.

Remember that Assemblyman Bob Huff, of Diamond Bar, prevailed against two Orange County candidates for the 60th Assembly District, not that long ago. The 60th, like the 29th State Senate District, straddles L.A. and Orange Counties. Huff’s O.C. opponents whacked each other, at great expense, allowing him to prevail.

To complicate matters further, I met with Lupe Moreno on Friday and she is interested in running for the 34th, in order to “get her issues out.” She likes Tran, but despises Daucher, and I think she will file regardless of whether Daucher stays in or not. I believe she will be announcing an exploratory committee next week. She is such a firebrand on immigration that I expect she will get more publicity than either Tran or Daucher. I am sure that John and Ken will have her on their radio show on KFI.

If Moreno does run, she will take away female votes from Daucher. But she might take away some conservative votes from Tran. And she will surely piss off the Democrats, although they might welcome her entry into the campaign, given that they will then be able to cry about Prop. 187 all over again. Correa will be leading that charge… if he runs for the 34th as many believe he will.

Moreno, as a Latina candidate, would have somewhat of an edge because of her surname, but it remains to be determined if the Latino voters in the 34th are warm to the idea of closing our borders.

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