Is Lupe Moreno the answer to Daucher?

Is Lupe Moreno the answer to Daucher?

It just struck me today that perhaps the best way to undermine Lynn Daucher’s candidacy for the 34th State Senate District would be to recruit another female Republican candidate to oppose her in the primary. The best choice would be none another than Lupe Moreno. She would be ideal given that she has run for several elective offices in the district. She is a member of the Republican Party of Orange County Central Committee, and she has run for the Santa Ana School Board. More importantly, I am quite certain that Jim Gilchrist and the Minutemen will help Moreno to raise the money needed for the filing fee.

A Moreno candidacy would serve Gilchrist by highlighting his pet issue, stopping illegal immigration. Moreno is a well known expert on this issue; she has appeared in various print articles and has been interviewed on both television and radio. She is intriguing given that she is a Latina who is opposed to illegal immigration.

More importantly, Moreno would nullify Daucher’s advantage amongst women voters, but I don’t think she would do much harm to Van Tran. Really, it would be a win-win for conservatives if we could convince Moreno to run for the 34th. Moreover, Moreno would drive the Democrats nuts, which is a nice bonus.

Memo to Dick Ackerman: it’s not too late for you to dump Daucher…

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