Latino protest groups target Costa Mesa

Latino protest groups target Costa Mesa

The Daily Pilot is reporting today that two Latino organizations are going to be protesting the new plan that will result in the Costa Mesa Police Department enforcing immigration laws, to a certain extent. They will be showing up to a City Council meeting that is scheduled for tonight. Noted anti-illegal-immigration activist Jim Gilchrist will also be there with his supporters.

What is interesting is the names of the Latino organizations – you just cannot make this stuff up: the Tonantzin Collective and Atlachinolli Front. Are you kidding me? These sound like terrorist organizations. The protest organizer is a guy named Coyotl Tezcalipoca. Nice. I wonder if that is his real name?

Latinos do not help themselves when they operate like Euro left-wing terror cells. This protest will only make Latinos look worse. This Coyotl guy is quite the granstander, but he is politically tone deaf. Good luck Coyotl – but after your protest don’t be surprised if Costa Mesa Mayor Allan Mansoor ends up with even more support for his immigration enforcement training initiative. Frankly, I think Mansoor is on the right track.

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