Judge Jim Gray turns from politics to music

Judge Gray turns to music instead of politics

My old friend Judge Jim Gray has apparently developed a taste for musicals instead of politics. Gray is a Superior Court Judge here in Orange County. He ran for the U.S. House of Representatives as a Republican a few years ago, against the nimwit Loretta Sanchez. Later, in 2004, he ran for the U.S. Senate as a Libertarian. He is a class act and a man who sincerely cares for O.C.’s high school students.

Music from Gray’s musical, “Americans All,” will be aired on January 8, on KOCE, Channel 50, at noon. The music will be performed by the Irvine Singers from Irvine High School.

Gray asked me to spread the word that there is a musical available to be performed by high schools which helps to mentor students by broadening their horizons, encouraging them to stay in school, and not putting up with mediocrity — and by having some fun along the way.

Nice work Jim – and I bet your current endeavors will have a longer-lasting impact than anything you might accomplish in the body politic. Sadly, people like Gray don’t get elected often in this country. Thank God that they can find other ways to contribute their talents to the public good.

You can read more about Gray at http://www.judgejimgray.com/.

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