Should Carona join the Democrats?

All this talk about Arnold Schwarzenegger changing his political affiliation to “independent” got me thinking – shouldn’t Orange County Sheriff Mike Carona consider becoming a Democrat? With all the problems he is embroiled in, particularly the charges of sexual harassment, it sure makes sense. After all, Democrats can cheat on their wives at will, and engage in other sexually questionable behavior – and they seemingly never get in much trouble as they always argue that the bad behavior is “personal.”

Former President Bill Clinton set the standard for these kinds of hijinks, but locally State Assemblyman Tom Umberg is the man when it comes to cheating on your wife and getting away with it. He raised the bar, or lowered it, when he cheated on his wife even as she was working her ass off to get him elected. Why she stuck with the guy is beyond me, but then again she might have been following the sterling example set by Hillary Clinton. “Stand by your man” indeed! Why, the Democrats could argue that this is pro-family behavior as they are keeping their sordid families intact.

Now I admit that being a Democrat won’t help Carona much here in the O.C., but he could always run for some statewide office, and given the nature of our blue state, he just might be able to pull it off. Memo to the California Democratic Party: give Carona a call – he just might be your man…

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