Carona reserves chicken out

Leave it to O.C. Sheriff Mike Carona to pick the most stellar reserve deputies available. As it turns out, one third of his remaining reservists, from those who were appointed in 1999 without proper background checks or training, have been dropped from state rolls for failing to attend their first day of required classes, as reported in the Times today, at,1,7952974.story?coll=la-editions-orange.

Is anyone at Carona’s office doing damage control on this? Is Fleischman asleep at the wheel? H0nestly, it seems like it is amateur hour over at the “Rancho de Carona.” I wonder how the O.C. Supervisors feel about this in the wake of approving $100,000 in taxpayer funds to be used by Carona to keep these yahoos in the ranks of the state-approved reserve officers. Is it too late for Orange County to get a full refund?

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