Coronado losing her mind?

Here’s a wierd story – allegedly Alexandria Coronado is considering running for the 35th State Senate District, against a fellow Republican, Diane Harkey, a Dana Point City Council member. That would not be a good idea, to say the least, as Coronado and Harkey could split the GOP conservative vote and allow liberal GOP candidate Tom Harman to take the election.

I have known Alex for years, and it strikes me as odd that she would even consider doing this. I would rather see her run for something else – maybe the 69th Assembly District? I know the GOP’s odds of winning that seat our slim, but at least Alex would be the only legitimate GOP candidate. However, she really needs to settle her campaign debts stemming from her race against Loretta Sanchez in the last cycle.

Kudos to Jubal at for reporting this item!

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