Campbell trounces the Minute Man in the 48th

No surprise – John Campbell blew out Jim Gilchrist in the 48th Congressional District election yesterday. It wasn’t close, and yet John Seiler, over at the Orange County Register, is already trumping Gilchrist as an independent candidate against Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, in an article available at Okay John, if you say so. If anything, a Gilchrist candidacy would only help the Democrats to beat Arnold, as if they would want to now that he has begun to hire former Gray Davis employees.

The other candidates in the election did not fare very well. Steve Young, the Democrat, came in at 28% of the vote, which means that he failed to beat the Democratic nominee’s showing in in that district for the last three general elections, according to Jubal at the OC Blog ( Bruce Cohen, the Libertarian candidate, recieved 880 votes, whereas the Green Party candidate, Bea Tiritilli, netted 1,242 votes, which is depressing. How could the greens out-vote the Libertarians in a GOP-leaning district?

Congratulations to John Campbell – he will be a fine addition to the U.S. House of Representatives!

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