Whitacre leading the Hunt campaign?

I just found out, by reading the very informative OC Blog (at http://www.ocblog.typepad.com/) that my old comrade Tim Whitacre is serving as campaign manager for Bill Hunt in his quest for the O.C. Sheriff’s office. How interesting. I brought Whitacre into the OC GOP Central Committee and he has become an activist in his own right over the last few years. I know that he was instrumental in the recall of Nativo Lopez from the Santa Ana School Board. That is probably why he wants Carona out, as Carona endorsed Lopez in two successive elections.

Apparently there is some scandal now involving Hunt and a DUI that occurred in his area. You can read all about it at http://www.ocblog.net/ocblog/2005/11/culture_of_cove.html. Personally I have no problem with Hunt despite this information. Whatever he may have done, he will still be a huge improvement over Carona.

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