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The Juice is back!

It has been too long hasn’t it? Suffice to say I was bogged down in a job I didn’t like and I am now unfettered and freelance. I now have the time again to contribute my two cents to the political scene here in Scott Baugh’s Orange County. That sounds refreshing doesn’t it? I am still getting used to the new order that Baugh has established since Fuentes stepped down as grand poobah of the Orange County Republican party – but so far so good. Baugh has done a great job of bringing the moderate Republicans back into the fold. Let the Dems beware – the OC GOP is once again united!

You might think that things would be quiet right now, as the general election is still several months away, however if you dig down a bit there are still a few items worth noting…in this edition we’ll have a look at yet another instance of “Maddox Madness.” We’ll also catch up on the latest news from throughout Orange County, including an update from our embattled conservative friends in Westminster.

In this Edition:

1. Maddox Madness Redux

2. Orange County Republican party sounds the retreat?

3. Eat your way to victory!

4. Westminster conservative school board members targeted for recall

5. New Republican group in Buena Park

6. County of Orange touts new “bug” tax

7. Grassroots Activist School coming to Costa Mesa

8. Santa Ana fruit war heats up

9. Amend 3 Strikes qualifies for November ballot

And a new feature: News from the other side of the Orange Curtain…

1. ACLU sues County of Los Angeles over cross on seal

2. Carson PLA continues urban corruption trend

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Editorial: Drivers Licenses for illegal immigrants? What about public transportation?

E-campaign Clues: The latest installment from our resident webmaster Terry Crowley. In this edition, Crowley lends his expertise on how to avoid the classic mistakes of building a website. This is a must-read!

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Maddox Madness Redux

Just when you thought that Ken Maddox was done forever – he has cropped up again. Few insiders were shocked when Maddox lost to fellow State Assemblyman John Campbell in their primary race for a State Senate seat. Maddox dug himself a big hole over the last few years by pandering to labor unions and voting with the Democrats way too often.

You want proof? Well, the State Building & Construction Trades Council of California has published the comments Maddox made to their members at their 59th convention – and the statements speaks for itself. Here are some of the “lowlights:”It’s been great working with your representatives up in the state capitol, trying to keep moving that legislation, keep moving that ball for American workers.” Comment: yes, it is true that Maddox has been a real pimp for union issues. Here’s another moment of Maddox Madness: “My opponent likes to point out that I’m pro-union. He thinks it’s a bad thing.” Comment: Yes, Campbell was right – unions are not good for consumers and they rarely benefit their members (remember the grocery strike?).

If you want to read the full text of Maddox’ comments, go to

Orange County Republican party sounds the retreat?

Egads! Is the OC GOP taking a page from our “friends” the French? Actually, the party leadership is not so much retreating as it is convening at a retreat in order to make its plans for a successful general election. The retreat is scheduled for this Saturday from 8:30 a.m. to 12 noon, at First American Title Company in Santa Ana.

Speakers will include OC GOP Chairman Scott Baugh, former Republican State Senate Leader Jim Brulte, and his replacement Dick Ackerman. There will also be a Bush/Cheney presentation.

To find out more about this event, which is intended for Members and Alternate Members of the Republican Central Committee of Orange County, elected officials, representatives from the Republican clubs in the county, and Members of the Transition Team, contact Katerina Tavoularis, the Executive Director of the OC GOP at (714) 556-8555.

Eat your way to victory!

Republican activist Gina Selvaggi is hosting a luncheon on behalf of Alexandria Coronado, the OC Board of Education Trustee who is taking on the despised member of the US House of Representatives, Loretta Sanchez, on Saturday, June 5, immediately after the OC GOP Retreat, at 12 noon. The luncheon will be held at the Selvaggi residence, at 12201 Tunstall St., in Garden Grove. My guess is that the folks attending the retreat will work up an appetite and hopefully most of them will show up to support Coronado. The price is only $10, which is a bargain. To RSVP call (714) 897-6208.

After the luncheon there will be an opportunity to work off all that food by registering voters in Garden Grove. Great idea! It will be impossible to defeat Sanchez unless more Republicans are registered in the 47th Congressional District. This is a good start.

Westminster conservative school board members targeted for recall

Judy Aherns and two of her peers on the Westminster school board earned the undying wrath of the liberals in OC when they refused to buckle to pressure from the California State Superintendent of Education to bow to Assembly Bill 537, which was perceived by most conservatives as a thinly veiled attempt to promote homosexuality in our public schools. Now the left is striking back by trying to recall these trustees. If you want to help out, contact Jeanne Goodin, who works with the California Eagle Forum. Goodin is gathering signatures on a petition thank the trustees for standing for family values. The petition also is a call to oppose the recall. You can contact Jeanne by email at The recall proponents are apparently halfway to their goal, in terms of signatures they have gathered. Read more about this story online at

New Republican group in Buena Park

There is a new grassroots Republican group in Buena Park, known as the Buena Park Republican Council. To find out how to get involved call (714) 670-0204.

County of Orange touts new “bug” tax

The Orange County Vector Control District is asking property owners in Orange County to more than triple their current vector control assessment from $1.92 per parcel to $7392 per parcel, according to the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, which is opposing this expanded “bug” tax. The Vector Control District wants to use the more than $4 million that will be generated annually by this tax increase to kill fire ants and mosquitoes. However, as the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association pointed out in an editorial published in the OC Register, the Vector Control District has wasted money in the past, and has not shown any real commitment to privatizing. I agree. Vote no on this new bug tax! For more information go to

Grassroots Activist School coming to Costa Mesa

The Orange County Lincoln Club is sponsoring a Grassroots Activist School in Costa Mesa on June 12 and 13. In two intense days you will learn to: recruit, organize and motivate; streamline campaign expenses; use the media; learn professional secrets; and develop a “get out the vote” strategy. To register call (800) 827-5323, or go to

Santa Ana fruit war heats up

When I first heard about this story I could not believe it. The Santa Ana City Council and City Manager are opposed to produce trucks that serve the poor in the inner city who find it hard to get to the supermarket. I can understand the opposition, as this service results in traffic problems, trash, etc. However, when a group of ladies decided to form a non-profit and push for a farmer’s market in the downtown area, you would have thought that the city leaders would have jumped for joy at the prospect of replacing the hated produce trucks with a nice upscale farmer’s market. Alas, apparently the proponents of the market failed to pay off enough people on the City Council as the idea seems to have died on the vine. That is a shame. Read about it online at

Amend 3 Strikes qualifies for November ballot

Jim Benson knows about long odds. The Vice Chairman of the Amend 3 Strikes campaign has run for office as a dark horse candidate and he has helped other candidates, such as Al Snook in Garden Grove, in uphill contests against entrenched incumbents. Now Benson might be on the verge of victory at last as his effort to amend 3 strikes has qualified for the November ballot. The ballot measure has been attacked, mostly by acolytes of the powerful state prison guards union, because opponents feel that it will put rapists and child molesters back on the street. That’s a lie. The measure actually will increase punishment for sex crimes against children. You can read a summary of the measure online at You can also read a news article about the measure online at Also, you can call the OC Register today and submit your opinion regarding this ballot measure. To do so call (714) 550-4636, ext. 7261, before 6:30 p.m.


News from the other side of the Orange Curtain…

ACLU sues County of Los Angeles over cross on seal

You have to love the liberals in L.A. – and thank God they don’t live in Orange County! Chuck DeVore, who will soon be representing the 70th Assembly District, sent out an email alert this week regarding a new lawsuit filed by the ACLU against the County of Los Angeles. The crime? Apparently there was a small gold cross on the county seal. Of course the County capitulated, but as DeVore points out, the seal still features a cow (worshipped by some), a tuna fish (fish are used as symbols by Christians), a Spanish galleon (oppression of natives), the Goddess Pomona (pagan gods – what about the liberal conceit of division of church and state?), and the Hollywood Bowl (a symbol of American cultural imperialism). Perhaps the County of L.A. should go with a blank seal? How about no seal at all? There is one last chance to reverse the county decision. They will be voting on this again next Tuesday. To add your voice to the fray, go to

Carson PLA continues urban corruption trend

The Mayor of Carson and several of his cronies were sent to jail in 2002 for urban corruption, so naturally his successors are weighing the benefit of a PLA (project labor agreement) which will prevent non-union contractors from bidding on city construction projects. Looks like urban corruption is still the standard in Carson. You can read more about the corruption at


Editorial: Drivers Licenses for illegal immigrants? What about public transportation?

Have California’s Democrats lost their minds? They continue to push for drivers licenses for illegal immigrants, despite the fact that most Californians are against this notion. The Republicans are worried that the new motorists will end up voting, illegally, in the next election. That could be a huge boon to the Democrats. No wonder they are lined up behind Gil Cedillo, despite the fact that Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger does not like the Cedillo license measure.

You have to wonder if the Democrats have bothered to poll any of their own special interests. What about the environmentalists? They are always pushing for more use of public transportation. Is it really in their best interest to grant licenses to illegals, which will result in less bus and light rail ridership? What kind of cars do we expect the illegals to buy? My guess is that they will be driving around in the same clunkers they are currently using. You know the ones – they spew smog all over the place because they have not been smog checked in years. Does anyone really expect these drivers to buy insurance for these relics? Please.

What about seniors? Doesn’t the Democratic Party pander to them at every turn? Are they anxious to fight for space on the roads and freeways with thousands of new drivers? Don’t seniors have all kinds of allergies, asthma and other breathing problems? Do they really need to contend with more pollution?

How about children? Aren’t the Democrats trying to pass a law to stop parents from smoking in their cars when their kids are present? What about the tons of smog that will be produced by the clunkers driven by illegals? Who will save the children?

You get the idea. It is obvious that the greedy Democrats are willing to step on a lot of their constituencies in their rush to pander to Latinos and in order to create more Latino voters, even if they are not legally supposed to be voting.

The fact is, illegals have plenty of options when it comes to transportation. Public transportation is bolstered by the use of bicycles and walking. Giving them licenses will create more problems than it will solve, but isn’t that the way Democrats do business in Sacramento? It is no wonder that Governor Gray Davis was so handily recalled. If the Democrats keep this up I predict that the GOP will make considerable gains in both houses of the State Legislature. Who knows – this might even create some momentum for the Bush administration come November.



Classic Mistakes of Building A Website

Not Knowing Why

OK, you need a website. Not having a website is like not having a fax. You need, at least, a basic information site. Don’t build a website just because your investor or your candidate says “do it.” Make them understand, just doing the bare minimum, just to have a site, doesn’t necessarily mean you’ve made effective use of the web or spent your money wisely. The boss is not the target audience.


Do you outsource your website design, management, email and database to different companies? Chances are you could end up with a site that looks more like a quilt that an information platform. A single department or resource should be in charge of handling all aspects. Consistency is the key to usable interaction design.

Budget for Maintenance

I still am surprised at the number of contracts I create where the customer doesn’t understand about budgeting for site maintenance. Rule of thumb: budget for a year the amount it took to create. The web changes so rapidly that it needs a major overhaul every year, and that’s not taking into account updates and improvements you encounter you need along the way.

Develop Content for the Web first

The web isn’t any other medium. So it follows that if you just take your very optimum resources and repurpose them for the web, you are just going to get a partially useful website. Don’t let your creative continue to push content for other mediums onto your website. “You don’t make a film by staging a play and putting the camera in the best seat.”

Don?t Confuse A New Feature with Usability

I remember a $10 million Usability Study I received a couple of years ago. It was chock full of ideas and focus group input on features people wanted. I watched very carefully over the next few months as several websites implemented those features, only to have them “wither on the vine” as people never actually used them. The lesson: USERS ARE NOT DESIGNERS.

The impact of the network grows by the square of the connections

If you underestimate the impact of your website, you will be losing. Treating your site like a brochure that you produce in your marketing/communications department will leave it in the trash heap of history. Yes, the impact of the web is overestimated in the short term. But, in the long term, the impact of everyone, everywhere connected cannot be underestimated.


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