Maddox brought to you by union dollars – and the Times says so!

How embarrassing! The L.A. Times is reporting that Ken Maddox, the former DARE officer who ended up in the State Assembly, has attracted the support of the notorious state prison guards union, in his campaign against straight arrow Assemblyman John Campbell. The union, along with the Pechanga gambling tribe of Luiseno Indians, paid for a mailer that attacked Campbell on immigration of all things. Am I the only one disgusted by the overpaid prison guards and by the Maddox attacks on immigrants?

Campbell is a decent guy who takes his job seriously. Maddox, according to the Times, is supported by the unions because he supports their pay packages – and they are way overpaid. Nice going Maddox. To read the Times article, go to,1,3964315.story.

In related news, the Campbell campaign has confirmed that Maddox will have union paid workers walking

precincts for him this weekend. Unbelievable. The unions want to decide who will be the Republican State Senator for the 35th district. We must not let them!

The Campbell campaign does not have paid walkers, instead they rely on volunteers. And they need your help in walking precincts this weekend! Please join them for an important precinct walk on Saturday, February 28, at 9:30 a.m. (there will be breakfast goodies served). At 10:00 a.m. there will be a precinct walk. The Campbell office is located at 2025 Newport Blvd.. at the corner of Newport Blvd. and Bay Street, in Costa Mesa. For additional information call the campaign office at (949) 646-1455. If it is raining the Campbell campaign urges you to please show up to pick-up calls sheets that you can do from your home.

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