Whitacre says he is non-committal

Tim Whitacre, the outspoken member of the Republican Party of Orange County’s Central Committee who also serves as Chair of its Oversight Committee for the 69th Assembly District, responded today to reports that he had withdrawn his support for Otto Bade, the GOP establishment candidate for the 69th A.D. Whitacre now says that while he has endorsed Bade, he must officially remain neutral because of his position with the party.

Bade is running in the pirimary against Ruben Ross, who ran two years ago for the same seat. Whitacre claims that he and Bade have “renewed our vows [sic].” That is probably a relief to Bade, whose signs are all over Santa Ana and parts of Orange and Tustin.

I guess we should take Whitacre at his word, however I find it curious that while he professes neutrality, he has also been hosting the precinct walkers who are working on the weekend for GOP candidate Alexandria Coronado, a candidate for the 47th Congressional District, even though Coronado, like Bade, has a Republican primary opponent, Virgel Nickell.

Perhaps Whitacre is neutral only on state legislative races? That would be a shame in this instance as Bade is turning out to be just what the GOP needed in the 69th Assembly District. He has a great personal story that is reminiscent of Schwarzenegger’s, as Bade also came to this country as an immigrant, in his case from Guatemala. Bade tells me that he left Guatemala when the communists were causing so much trouble there. He has worked as a police officer and he has owned various businesses. He likes to point out that his Democrat counterparts, Tom Umberg and Claudia Alvarez, have both at one time or another voted to raise taxes.

Bade on the other hand is a staunch defender of Prop. 13, and he reports that he wants to go to Sacramento in order to help to turn the tide against the anti-business Democrats who have caused so much trouble for our state. You can find out more about Bade at his website – check the web links on this blog, on the upper right hand side of the page.

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