Cristich strikes back – at President Bush

Chuck DeVore hit a sore spot when he attacked his primary opponent, businesswoman Cristi Cristich, for not supporting the Bush immigration plan. However, the Cristich campaign sruck back by essentially saying that all Republicans are not obligated to support the Bush plan. For whatever reason, the Cristich campaign referred to the plan as an amnesty plan, which it is not.

I find it troublesome that any Republican candidate should attack the President, or his plan. Bush is not assured his reelection. If anything, he is in trouble, particularly if Senators Kerry and Edwards hook up together on what would be a North/South ticket. Scary stuff. The last thing Bush needs is to be attacked by Republicans of any stripe, in my opinion.

That said, I also think it is risky for any candidate to bring up immigration in the 70th Assembly District, which includes most of Irvine. Many of Irvine’s leading residents are foreign-born high technology professionals, from Asian, India and Latin America. Surely antagonizing them cannot be a sound strategy.

This is not the first time that Cristich has parted ways with a Republican presidential candidate. She endorsed Bill Clinton against the Dole/Kemp ticket in 1996, and while she has apologized for that in the years since, and she has been an effective fundraiser and Republican booster locally, you have to wonder if she just has it in for the GOP at the national level.

Personally, I applaud President Bush for taking a risk and opening the dialogue about the undocumented workers in this country. I believe his plan has some flaws, but it is a step in the right direction. Take a look at the Democrats running against Bush – they are all advocating a full amnesty, unlike the Bush plan which offers guest workers a legal status that is not full citizenship, and comes with a six year time limit.

DeVore Lurches Left

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