Union thugs pick Maddox

Big Labor has endorsed Ken Maddox for State Senate and co-endorsed Van Tran and Al Snook for the 68th AD for the March 2004 Primary.

The AFL-CIO has also endorsed liberal nuts Carole Migden, Sheila Kuehl, Mark Leno, John Laird, Jackie Goldberg (all members of the Gay/Lesbian/Bisexual/Transgender Caucus), as well as Tom Umberg, and both Maddox and Tran.

The funniest endorsements took place in the 68th Assembly District, where the union bosses chose to support both my old friend Al Snook (a former Republican turned Democrat), and Tran. This is the only race in the state where they chose to make a dual endorsement.

AFL-CIO’s number one priority for next March is Prop. 56: the Blank-Check Initiative, to dismantle Prop. 13 and make it easier for the liberals to raise taxes. I have no idea where Tran, Maddox and Pirozzi are on that issue. Of the three, both Tran and Pirozzi are likely to oppose Prop. 56. I don’t think we can assume that about Maddox.

Locally, the AFL-CIO’s number one priority is, obviously, to extend the Orange County PLA. Look for them to throw a lot of money towards Lou Correa, the termed out State Assemblyman who has already been endorsed by the incumbent for the 1st Supervisorial District, turncoat Republican Chuck (as in upchuck) Smith. Now is the time for all of us to get behind Brett Franklin, the Republican candidate with the best chance to raise money and succeed in Santa Ana, where Franklin has been on the City Council for years. You can find out more about Franklin at http://www.brettfranklin.org/.

Statewide, the AFL-CIO has endorsed only Three Republicans (Tran, Maddox and Pirozzi). Pirozzi and Tran longtime friends of mine, and I trust them, but Maddox is another story. He supported the Orange County PLA, and he votes with the Democrats quite often, particularly on bills favored by the unions.

Here is the link with the AFL-CIO endorsements: http://www.calaborfed.org/issues_politics/political/primary_endorsements.html.

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