ADEM Results, Flawed Though They Be, Are Out

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‘Tin soldiers and Rusty’s coming…” — the results may be BS, but they’re out!

First you should read this post about how the CDP screwed up the voting by changing the rules mid-election so that, contrary to previous practice, there would be no separate vote for the DSCC (CDP’s governing board) Executive Board — meaning that if you wanted a particular person to win you had to vote against the other good people who were also running for that position, because the person with the most votes in the ADAM would be chosen as the E-Board representative and you didn’t want your candidate to lose.

Then you should read this post about how the CDP massively mangled the distribution and collection of the ballots.  (There’s more to be added to that, but we’ll skip the details for now.)  Here are my initial recommendations and here are Vern’s. (I’m not taking time right now to refresh my memory about them right now, so I may fiddle with my comments here later.)

None of this will matter, of course.  After some weird oscillation in reporting of the tallies, probably due to cut-and-paste errors in spreadsheets, the results are in.  I haven’t reviewed them before beginning this. I’ll post the top ten vote-leaders among Female and Not-Female (all based upon self-identification) in district number order now — the top six in each become delegates, the seventh becomes an alternate, but I’ll post the top ten or so you can see the closest and most notable misses as well — and will post my thoughts as I go.

AD-55 (P. Chen)

Executive BoardJim Gallagher (OSIF)


Priya J. Shah 280
Sanobar Baig 266
Layla Abou-Taleb 257
Iris Mann 247
Rachel Kirk 244
Allison Thuang 242
Linda Freedman 240
Verronica Clements 83
Keri Kropke 73
Lyndsey Lefebvre 72
Natalie Estrada 64

This isn’t a bad lineup at all — I’m particularly happy to see Shah and Baig, happy to see Mann and Friedman, and not unhappy about the rest — but those four people listed among those who lost were strong (and left-reformist) candidates.  Naturally, they were left off of what was obviously a slate.

Not Female:

Kevin T. Hayakawa 257
James Gallagher 249
Andrew Chou 243
Bill Rawlings 240
Gabriel Alfaro 210
Mansfield Collins 208
Jerry Knox 203
Gregg Fritchle 79
Wesley J Smith 65
Andrew Fahmy 31
Jon Portez 19

Fritchle and Smith (reformist lefties) didn’t make it onto a slate; Fahmy (a left-basher), didn’t either.  I’m especially glad to see Rawlings, happy to see Hayakawa (whom I don’t think I know) and Gallagher (who is far more centrist than I am, but quite deserving of representing the district, and I don’t recall the other winners enough for an opinion.

Note that Hayakawa and three women — Shah, Baig, and Abou-Taleb — outpolled Gallagher, but did not indicate their desire to be on the Executive Board, which is why Gallagher won.

AD-57 (Adjacent to, not part of, OC)

I’m including AD-57 because parts of it are probably the most likely to be folded into with the northernmost OC Assembly district in redistricting, if Diamond Bar, Rowland Heights, etc. get lumped in with the rest of Los Angeles County and/or Yorba Linda gets joined to the other hilly areas to its south. (Plus, I just love the results!)

Executive BoardHenry Huerta (OSIF)


Angie Medina 310
Josefina E. Canchola 297
Annabella Acosta 296
Stephanie Marie Terrazas 295
Dora Sandoval 286
Cindi Duran 285
Christine Helen Salazar 285
Margie Granado 284
Margarita Rios 282
Jennifer Portillo 276
Christine Singer-Luna 270
Sarah Matlock 268

Not Female:

Henry P. Huerta 318
Louis Reyes 278
Apolonio Morales 272
Tim Phan 270
Alexis Rios 268
Alberto Ruiz 268
Gino Kwok 266
Christian Israelian 260
Ryan Quevedo 253
Gabe Robbie Montoya 249

Close elections here, with better turnouts than AD-55.  (No AD-55 candidate won enough votes to have won in AD-57!)  Terrazas has been especially involved in north OC politics, and Henry Huerta is simply one of the best reformist leaders in the DSCC.

OK, back to OC per se!

AD-65 (Quirk-Silva)

Executive Board: Bobbi-Lee Smart


Pamela Thakur 245
Monique C Davis 240
Bobbi-Lee Smart 239
Patricia Tutor 231
Barbara Standley 218
Allison N Guzman 215
Senorina Estrada 201
Carolina Mendez 121
Rebecca Kovacs-Stein 119
Saara Suliman 67

Not Female:

Faisal Qazi 246
Miguel Alvarez 242
Aaron Wodka 216
John Vassiliades 208
Izeah R. Garcia 208
Eric Barlow 195
Jesus Beltran 194
Jose Trinidad Castaneda 133
Michael Rodriguez 121
Alfredo Heredia 101
Aaruni Thakur 62
Mesbah M Islam 51

I’m happy to see Bobbi-Lee Smart on E-Board! (She finished fifth, but the four people above her didn’t apply for it.)  In fact, while I might have preferred an adjustment or two, the female winners look quite good — especially the top four.

The results for non-females are more disappointing: some good choices there, but I’m sorry to see Castaneda and Rodriguez excluded.  (Aaruni Thakur stood down, as I recall — hence his 183 fewer votes than his wife’s.)  As for Mesbah Islam — this is just your reminder that he’s the one who actually wrote the post about Ho Chi Minh that Jeff Letourneau simply shared to get people’s reactions to it, which is falsely attributed to Jeff by people including Chumley.

AD-68 (Choi)


Naz Hamid 367
Ashleigh Aitken 359
Patty Yoo 351
Sabrina “Sav” Quezada 329
Marissa Waldman 303
Melanie Weir 297
Nina Baldwin 284
Jenny Lynn 270
Elizabeth Galindo 270
Danett Abbott-Wicker 267
Anat Herzog 221
Kate Wasson 210
Laura Bratton 201

Good to see Naz and Ashleigh up there, disappointing to see the Republican pawn Quezada there.  Really disappointing to see Lynn, Galindo, Abbott-Wicker, and Herzog not make it.  (Bratton was promoted by Chumley for reasons I still don’t get.)  This result goes onto Rep. Katie Porter’s tab — she was a main sponsor of the “Orange to Blue” slate, which I think swept the non-female slate and swept the female seats with the exception of Baldwin beating Galindo, which seems like it may have been considered OK anyway — and when she doesn’t get the leftist support that she thinks she’d entitled to, this will explain why.  Her main goal has been to avoid people who might defy her.

Not female:

Lee Fink 392
Ted Perle 286
Franz Christopher Can Kieviet 278
Ajay Mohan 273
Julio F. Morales 267
Mani Kang 243
Avinder Chawla 238
Grant Henninger 236
Kyler Asato 213
Andrew Swetland 208
David R Sonneborn 193
Luis Manuel Huang 170
Gabriel Orea 128

Lee’s winning was all but inevitable, and his E-Board position, almost as likely, so I take solace that at least he’s self-aware and understands the need for broader party unity, whatever his own positions.  It’s good to see Perle and Kang there; I don’t recall my feelings about the rest, except that I know that Mohan is a direct employee of Ada Briceno’s — but an ambitious young politico ain’t going to turn that down, so fine.

I was glad to see Henninger (too klepto-friendly) and Huang (too goofy) excluded, but the shutout of David Sonneborn, now from all Democratic positions, startles me.  He’s been the party’s top guy on legislation for decades, and while he and I have often been on the outs I would think that there would still be a place for him.  (Maybe Rusty will appoint him.)

Katie: this is why the party’s left, which has its eyes on what you do, will oppose you for positions like the Senate seat.  You’ve shown repeatedly that you are a divider.

AD-69 (Daly)


Thai Viet Phan 274
Daisy Campos 267
Monica Munguia 242
Gloria Alvarado 237
Cassandra J Perez 225
Adalgisa Tamayo Jones 218
Valeria Sandoval 217
Yenni Diaz 148

Not female:

Martin G. Lopez 231
LuisAndres Perez 231
Richard Santana 223
James Gil 199
Ryan Friesen 197
Brian Germain 197
Thomas Drennan 194
Benjamin Vazquez 136
Joese Hernandez 130
Paul Gonzales 129
Jorge Gavino 128
Jestin Samson 128
Robert Tucker 104
Ivan Enriquez 86
Bulmaro “Boomer” Vicente 73

It’s sad to see Yenni lose out to people with far less of a track record.  It’s also sad to see to see Gloria get the E-Board spot when three other women got more votes — but I suspect that if any of them had been running for E-Board they might not have even beaten Yenni.

Regarding the not-females, the results are disastrous.  I owe Vern an apology for my thinking that Martin Lopez had extricated himself from the worst of the Labor Fed associations — but apparently he has not.  (That, or the Fed just made a huge mistake.)   You could literally count up seven from the bottom (skipping either Gonzalez or Gavino, either of whom were ok, and I hope Gavino has learned something about where he stands — i.e., over 100 votes below L-AP — and have an excellent slate, but the well-organized trades got a bunch of unknowns elected while excluding some excellent activists.  They have essentially told the left to piss off — and, sure enough, that will continue to be what happens in elections like the next State Senate race.

AD-69 now appears to be under complete control of the Building Trades, who in turn control the OC Labor Federation — note that Grim Gloria’s total almost matches those of Martin Lopez and LuisAndresVendido Perez, whose totals probably give us a good sense of how many voters the unions turned out — and much of the “credit” for that belongs to Rep. Lou Correa, Assemblyman Tom Daly, voraciously ambitious DPOC Chair Ada Briceño, and their longtime colleagues.  (Hi, Loretta!  Hi John H.!)

AD-72 (J. Nguyen)


Tracy La 216
Gina Clayton-Tarvin 196
Mary Tromp 176
Maria Ortiz 173
Niki Nguyen 170
Mai Khanh Tran 145
Gina Tiffany 142
Lisa Marquise 90
Ashley Tindall 43

Not Female:

Steve Lathus 214
Nathan Searles 180
Vincent P. Tran 179
Stephen Einstein 165
Dan Ma 152
Khoa Le 133
Bijan Mohseni Calderón 101
Trung Ta 100
Edward Ray Chavez 100
Phong Ly 88
Rick Foster 82
Jared Wallace 68
Martin Grayson 48

Results in AD-72 were about as good as AD-69’s were bad — which is probably attributable to the DPOC not giving much of a shit about AD-72 so long as they can keep out “communists.”

For the females, OJB endorsed La, Clayton-Tarvin, Tromp, Nguyen, and Tiffany (and we were OK with Mai Khanh Tran) — and they finished in almost that exact order.  (Maria Ortiz finished fourth behind Tromp, which is fine.)  So we’re quite happy there — and particularly with La’s election to the E-Board.

For the non-females, OJ’s sole five picks got the five highest vote totals, so we’re happy —  and while Bijan Mohseni Calderón was Mike Carroll’s (and thus Farrah Khan’s) catspaw to try to split the Democratic vote and keep Diedre Nguyen out of the runoff with Janet Nguyen, he also edged out Tri Ta by one vote, so we can put up with him — and we congratulate Farrah on his win.  Having Lathus, Searles, and Einstein in the DSCC will be especially wonderful.  (Sorry for the kiss of death, guys, but you’re good people!)

AD-73 (Laurie Davies)


Stephanie Oddo 625
Vivian Frerichs 572
Jeri Fromme 557
Deborah Lima 550
Cynthia Ashley 501
Aimee Renee Monahan 478
Cathy Udovch 473
Sudi Farokhnia 314
Jenna Beck 204
Linda May 191
Octavia Tuohey 134
Denise Bradford 109
Lidia Corey 107
Karen M Ridley 97


Richard Hurt 615
Perry Meade 609
Alan Fenning 597
Chris Duncan 501
Christopher Aitken 498
Dan Horgan 495
Gary D Newkirk 466
Parshan Khosravi 261
Jose Preciado 179
Thomas Fleming 145
James D Bacon 138

Some bright spots — Richard Hurt on E-Board! — but overall not a great haul in AD-73.  Then again, it is AD-73 — and it will end up simply hurting Rep. Mike Levin, which is not good planning.

Among women, we liked Oddo — I hope we were right! — as well as Farokhnia, May, Tuohey, and Ridley, all of whom lost.  (That’s why I wonder how good Oddo is!) Several women finished below Ridley (including Lenore).

Among non-women, we liked Hurt, Khosravi, and Chaturvedi (who finished below Bacon), as well as Bacon, Eckert, Brooks, Fenning (with misgivings), and Meade (so long as he didn’t beat Hurt for E-Board.)  Among the people elected were Fran Sdao’s love object Chris Duncan, which is a shame, but it’s good that he was so far behind Hurt!  Bad — but could’ve been much worse!

AD-74 (Petrie-Norris)

Lauren Johnson-Norris 435
Bethany Webb 344
Mari Fujii 324
Theresa Sorey 316
Lynne Riddle 306
Michele E Bell 301
Hanieh Jodat 265
Anne Mohr 250
Laura Robinson Oatman 243
Chelsea Guo 214
Lamba Najib 206

(Many more are below Najib.)  Our picks were Mohr for E-Board, and Oatman, Jodat, de la Ceuz — and Johnson-Norris, who — even though she is more centrist than we are, is a really good person who has been treated horribly by Irvine’s Democratic powers-that-be.  So while we’re sorry not to see Mohr (especially) and Oatman included — and former Rep. Rouda is kissing off the left by rejecting good activists to place undistinguished loyalist supporters of his in their place — it’s hard not to be happy for Johnson-Norris (and we’re happy that Jodat slipped in as an alternate.)

Kev Abazajian 375
Martin Salgado 326
Jesús Gamboa 320
Robert “Bob” Hartman 259
Dennis Bress 257
Ron Varasteh 238
John Stephens 212
Dean Inada 207
Cory Johnson 151

We favored Abazajian, Salgado, Varasteh, Stephens, and Inada.  (And many others finished below Johnson.)  Honestly, if one of Dean Inada’s representatives — whom, unless he has moved within the past few years, I believe to be Rep. Porter, Sen. Min, and Asmb. Petrie-Norris — doesn’t give him one of their appointments, it will be to their lasting shame.  Inada is a hero for the services he has performed for Democrats, and he deserves a spot in the DSCC.

Pending some revisions, that’s all we have to say!

About Greg Diamond

Somewhat verbose attorney, semi-retired due to disability, residing in northwest Brea. Occasionally runs for office against bad people who would otherwise go unopposed. Got 45% of the vote against Bob Huff for State Senate in 2012; Josh Newman then won the seat in 2016. In 2014 became the first attorney to challenge OCDA Tony Rackauckas since 2002; Todd Spitzer then won that seat in 2018. Every time he's run against some rotten incumbent, the *next* person to challenge them wins! He's OK with that. Corrupt party hacks hate him. He's OK with that too. He does advise some local campaigns informally and (so far) without compensation. (If that last bit changes, he will declare the interest.)