California is Back to Purple Tier

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Let me start by saying that all views expressed here are my opinion, not the Orange Juice Blog’s. I just read on Twitter that 94% of California’s population is back to purple restrictions due to the ongoing COVID outbreak.  A few days ago we had a million cases, second place behind Texas. I understand that we need to protect our citizens, but when Governor Newsom attends some birthday party at French Laundry, an overpriced, pretentious restaurant, it is very hard to take him seriously. I won’t even mention Nancy Pelosi having her hair done (It still looks bad by the way, Miss Nancy.)

This will be the third time this year that we are locked down. People are already struggling, and for those like my husband who were lucky enough to go back to work, they’re out of work again. I’m not even thinking about the holidays coming up. We aren’t big on the Thanksgiving and Christmas thing in my house, but what about the small businesses that depend on those sales? From what I read,  they receive about 20% of their yearly revenue in November and December. Will these businesses be able to recover?

Let’s give a big “Thank You” to all the spoiled brats who refused to wear a mask because their freedom to be a jerk was being limited!  If we had all done the right thing back in March, maybe we wouldn’t have to do this over and over. Closing 94% of the state will not do anything. Those same people who cried about wearing a mask will have no problem going to the counties that are open or are in the red tier, and you can bet they won’t wear a mask there either.

Mitch McConnell seems more interested in stroking Trump’s ego than actually working for the greater good, like helping out-of-work Americans pay their bills. I do not see any help coming from any of our beloved politicians. Why should they? They are still getting their paychecks and they will be taking their Thanksgiving break soon. Trump will be tweeting that he won the election at least 100 more times. (As Sonny and Cher once sang, “And the beat goes on.”)  Trump has no intention to shut down the country or even enforce the use of face masks. He does not care how many Americans are infected or will die.

Any nitwit should know that people cannot go to work when they are sick. People cannot shop when they are sick. Nobody will buy non-essential things when they are laid off or sick. I never took economics in college but that sounds pretty straightforward to me.

What will it take for we Americans to get our act together and realize we have to work together if we want to get out of this mess? We cannot depend on those we elected to do the right thing. It is up to us.

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