What if they made a vaccine and it only works for 50% of the population?

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Heads or lungs?

All the chat on every channel is about “Vaccine” and “antibodies” and billions and billions of dollars that drug companies are getting even when their so-called “answer to Corona-Virus 19” isn’t even proven yet!  “Oh things look very optimistic!”.  Yeah, well let’s talk a bit about “the Flu”.  “Swine Flu”, “Spanish Flu”, “Asian Flu” and “Any Flu USA”!  Free Flu shots for everyone!  Go to pick up your recent prescription at the local CVS or Rite Aid and you will hear them say:  “What a free Flu Shot?”  OK Citizens of the US of A…….try to get a grip and understand what “The Flu” is and what you can do about it.  You can take Zinc, you can take 1000 Units of Vitamin C a day, you can ramp up on steroids or simply choke yourself full of Egg Protein.  Everyone wants the Magic Bullet to good health.  Oh, you can take Turmeric or you can take Vitamin D-3 with K, you can take all the Vitamin B and B-12 on the planet and still get Cancer or Heart Disease or even “the Flu”.  How does that happen and what can we all do to fix it?

The first thing to remember is that there are literally billions of different Virus based illness out there just waiting for the next likely victim.  So many times people get confused between Bacteria Based Illness and Virus Based Illness.  Bacteria are Germs.  Remember Germs like Strep Throat, Venereal Diseases like Gonorrhea, Genital Warts, Herpes, Chlamydia, Syphilis, Bacterial Vaginosis, AIDS and others…..all Germ Based Diseases.  All cured with antibiotics!  The Virus on the other hand acts much differently than Bacteria based disease.  Virus Mutates and Bacteria just grows and seldom mutates until it reaches maximum overload.  This is reason why some people can develop Cancer and Leukemia from Bacteria Based disease.  They simply let it go on too long….and they die.  With the Virus based disease you have other problems.  The biggest one again is Mutation. A Virus can begin being Viral and causing not only sickness, but has the ability to be passed on to others without personal contact.  We are all just a sneeze away or a cough away from contacting the latest Virus.  Some people think that getting that virus would only happen to those that are not healthy.  That dear friend is a total and complete lie.  We are all prisoners of our heredity.  Asians don’t get Stomach Cancer!  They get Colon Cancer.  Hispanics get TB and Heart Disease.  Blacks get the Sickle Cell disease and Heart Disease and Diabetes.  Whites die of High Blood Pressure and Stress.  Each of us are born with various immunity to certain disease and also the certainty that some are going to get the the latest Plague, no matter what we do.  Generalities are the bane of all medical practitioners.

So, back to the Corona-Virus 19.  Researchers are already up to Corona-Virus 39.  As the research goes on, there has to be a different vaccine for each of these variables.  So, lets say they find a vaccine that works to mitigate the effects of Corona-Virus 19, what happened to the rest of those new variants.  Which variants are killers?  Which Variants will simply make you very sick, partially sick or maybe not affect you at all?  We will not name the current list of Drug Companies that Trump has already awarded billions in research to place a vaccine on the market place by November 3rd, or even January 1st of 2021.  For sure before January 20th, 2021!  Nonsense!  When you look under BS in Dictionary you will find the list of Drug Companies that have had recent purchases of their Corporate Stock, because the Government is funding their pre-natal success.  What have they come up with?  Drinking bleach or smoking rolled up newspaper print might sound wonderful to some, but the chances of it working are about as much as buying a bottle of Uncle Bucks Miracle Cure out of the back of a buckboard in Arizona way back in 1890!   Where is Bat Masterson now that we really need him?

So, what are we to do?  We need a cure to Virus-Corona 19 right?  As this Virus has already launched into Corona-Virus 39, we need a vaccine for all of them don’t we?  The cures ahead remind us of a Dog Chasing Its Own Tail.  The main thing to remember is that Drug Companies do not want Cures, they want Therapies which people have to take day after day, month after month or year after year.  For those that have a modicum of interest in the truth, they should buy, rent or play a copy of a 1970’s movie entitled:  “Andromeda Strain”.  Tells you everything you want to know about the CDC and about Drug Companies in General.  Most of you won’t do that, because you have already made up your minds that this World Pandemic is just a ploy to shut down World Government and destroy the Presidency of Donald J. Trump!  For those folks there is little or no redemption.  “The Lord will provide!”  and “Jesus saves Green Stamps”!  For the rest of us that are interested in how science works and why they have been bought and sold by Big Pharma….maybe a little “Inter-disciplinary Study” may be in order.  Why aren’t the Drug Companies creating better antibiotics?  Why are Drug Companies creating endless numbers of “Flu Vaccines”?  Time to maybe start asking these companies some rather important questions.  Or we can turn on Fox News and realize that there is no age difference between Melania Trump and Donnie J.!  Hey guys your choice!  All we report is what we read in the newspapers!

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