Weekend Open Thread: Bartlett’s Term Limits Ballot Measure Scam

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Supv. Lisa Bartlett wants a ballot measure that either (1) extends term limits to allow her to run for one more term, or (2) resets term limits for incumbents to allow her to run for three more terms.  The latter possibility, which she denies, is much more disturbing.

[Author’s Note: My thanks to the Flash Report’s John Fleischman for flagging this issue in this post, which I think could use even more visibility.]

Politicians naturally want to stay in their elected offices they value if they naturally can, and many would like term limits to be extinguished altogether. Sadly, South County’s Lisa Bartlett wants to stay until 2034 instead of running for State Senate to replace Patricia Bates. Compared to San Bernardino County, Orange County limits its members to two terms instead of San Bernardino County’s three terms. I can see providing them an extra term, but giving an extra three to incumbents is rather not cool.

On Tuesday July 14th, Supervisor Bartlett wants to bring forth a voter measure to extend her tenure for three more terms. However, it is up to the voters of Orange County to tell her and co-sponsor Doug Chaffee no thanks. There are three supervisors who are against this proposal right now Steel, Do and Wagner. However, its up to the constituents to let their members know that this is a bad idea.

[Ed. Note: Fleischman’s article would put a three-term lifetime limit on Supervisors, so she clearly wants to serve until 2026.  The argument that she would serve until 2034 depends on whether this would give incumbents another three terms.  He thinks it would; I tend to think so as well given the change in term limits last decade and the Santa Ana term limits reform.  But frankly, people do seem to think that Bartlett would be running for the State Senate seat that Bates would leave open in 2022 — where she could serve until 2034 — so I’m not sure what this buys her.  Maybe a hedge if she loses the primary?  Anyway, back to Matt.]

And if you are thankful for the position of the three opponents you can also express your appreciation.  [Ed. Note: Please don’t do that.  They may be right on this issue this time, but generally … no.]

Supervisor Lisa Bartlett (714) 834-3550 Lisa.Bartlett@ocgov.com

Supervisor Doug Chaffee (714) 834-3440 Fourth.District@ocgov.com

Supervisor Andrew Do (714) 834-3110 Andrew.Do@ocgov.com

Supervisor Michelle Steel (714) 834-3220 Michelle.Steel@ocgov.com

Supervisor Don Wagner (714) 834-3330 Donald.Wagner@ocgov.com

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