4th of July, 2020 – The New Normal

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Reichs Fuhrer Trumpster is making our America Great….Again and Again and Again!  Our economy is Greater than it has ever been in American History.  Our National Police have created the safest place on earth.  The Stock Market has made our Pensions and Retirement Funds safer than they have ever been.  Social Security is totally unnecessary, because we have total full employment for everyone including every minority group.  Seniors are living better than they have ever lived and the Cost of Living is lower than it has ever been.  The United States will not need raises in Social Security, Medicare or Military Benefits…..because we have Peace in our Time!  We will however NOT go to war with anyone at the drop of a hat!  Our Military Spending is under control and we have created the Greatest Space Force of all Time!  We have the Greatest Social Equality in Human History.  By protecting our 2nd Amendment Rights, we can Brandish Firearms in any setting without breaking any laws!  We have identified the most evil empires on the planet:  China, Iran and the European Union!  We have proven that OUR huge Tariff’s will lower the prices of everything we buy; From Toilet Paper to Nuclear Weapons!  The Rich in the United States of America have never been Richer!  We have made America Great, Greater and more phenomenal and fantastic and wonderful than any country in history!  The United States of America has established a country that proves that Debt determines Greatness!  America is the Greatest Country on Earth! Our skyrocketing, record breaking Stock Market continues to prove how strong our economy really is!

OK, if you believe any of the above…time to turn on Fox News and do your laundry, while you text your daughter in law and send her your own nude photos! You could possibly also be living in what they call:  “A new reality!”  This is not to be confused with the Carlos Castaneda work from 1971 entitled “A Separate Reality”, which was a dialogue with someone named Don Juan who takes an unbelievable amount of “Magic Mushrooms” from the highest mountains in the Andes and Peru.  For those that never read the work, perhaps just pulling up some old Andy Warhol images might suffice.  If you are of course a Republican Elitist Intellectual, you might want to read the entire dialogue from “Don Quixote” by Cervantes written in 1605, which includes the words of Don Quixote, Sancho Panza, the Dead Mule and Dolcenaya!  But we digress, because – this is the story of the “Birth of our Nation”, which also happens to be one of the first Hollywood feature films about Black Rapists and how the Sons of the South, the Ku Klux Klan and the Grand Dragon and Imperial Wizards (which were really off duty Sheriff’s and City Council Members) in either South Carolina or Georgia saved the honor of a young white girl.  But we digress!  Again!  What is amazing of course is that 42% of the approximate 331 Million Americans still like The Trumpster!  That means that over 139 Million people in this country are Trumpsters!  We knew we have a tremendous amount of uninformed, uneducated, unconcerned about their fellows, greedy, cruel, mean, evil and ridiculous people in our country, but we could have never known there were so many!  Whew!  So, when you are driving on the roads and you constantly see rude, selfish, uncaring drivers…..there is every possibility…..they just might be Trumpsters!  But we digress!  The United States is the 3rd largest country on the planet, behind China and India.  We have a grand total of approximately 4.25% of the Global Population.  The population of Earth is getting close to 8 Billion humans.  The maximum sustainable population of earth is somewhere between 9.7 and 10.5 Billion, which we may hit or exceed somewhere between 2030 to 2034.   The United States has a minority population in 2020 pretty close to 110 million which includes Blacks, Hispanics and Asian.  Still more white people than minorities, but for how long?  But we digress!

Do we truely know in this country what honesty, ethics, morality and logic really are?  Sometimes you wonder.  When you hear people complain about Democrats…or Republicans or Black Lives Matter or Protesters or Gun Toting folks carrying American Flags…..the whole thing gets confusing.  Fake News, Flake News – Sex, Lies and Videotapes, Camera Surveillance of everyone, Monitoring everyone’s movements and Facial Recognition.  What ever happened to Clean Water, Clean Air or perhaps something as simple as Religious Values of “Do unto others!”? As we celebrate this year without Fireworks, without mass gatherings, without sporting events, without eating out at the restaurant or bar of our choice, without visiting the traditional family gathering of a BBQ or for a game of softball, Frizbee or go to the dog park……We do have to ask ourselves a few questions:  (1)  Is this just a ploy by Nancy Pelosi to steal the election of 2020 from Donald J. Trump?  (2)  Is it truly a Global Conspiracy to create Covid-Virus 19 to kill millions of people and bring the Global Economy to its knees? (3) Is Global Warming real? (4) Isn’t Global Change due to over-population? (5) When will the “Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse” showup for real and in earnest? Which are: “Pestilence, War, Famine and Death”..that is!  Oh, that is already a work in progress?  Only about 9 Million people a year die of starvation, which isn’t much in a world of almost 8 billion people.  Of course 130 Million are born each year with a projected Global Population of 11 Billion by 2100….if anyone can live that long and not be breathing through artificial means in a Methane Ocean and Methane toxic atmosphere!   They already seem to be getting us ready….by requiring us to wear masks wherever we go.  Practice, Practice, Practice!

In the movie 1979 “Monty Python’s Life of Brian”, the recurring song was “Always look at the bright side of life!”  In the 1971 movie “Andromeda Strain”…….there is always hope for a “Mutation”!  This 4th of July in the United States has created a new reality of what this country is and what it stands for.  Time to vote people!  Time to pay attention people!  Congress never even made July 4th an official Federal Holiday until 1870!  So on this 244 year of American History……let us “Pray to Buddha” that we can make it another year!


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