Weekend Open Thread: Dem Convention Delegate Voting Deadline WAS Sun @ 5pm

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UPDATE. 6/7. 5:01 PM:  And … SCENE!

Those of you who voted, thank you for voting!  Those of you who didn’t vote, no thank you for not voting!  Those you ineligible to vote, thank you for your actual, feigned, or accidental interest!

Watch this space for results when they come out, supposedly tomorrow.  And remember, people who lost can apply to run as At-Large delegates or PLEOs (Political Leaders and Elected Officials, sometimes known as “Superdelegates”), with a registration deadline of Tuesday.



As pressing issues currently facing readers of this blog go, voting for Democratic convention delegates (for Bernie, Biden, and Bloomberg in CA-48) is not likely in the top 10. But it is one of the few with an action deadline of tomorrow (Sunday 6/7) at 5 pm, so we’ll note it here.  [Disclosure: I’m running for delegate from CA-39, against my friends and colleagues Ken Warfield and Faisal Qazi, but I’m not campaigning on the site unless one of them does.  You’ll be able to see candidate statements from me and Faisal on a page you’ll be directed to when you get your ballot.]  For our recommendations, see this (updated!) post, which we’ve temporarily moved up to today’s date.


IF you requested to vote in this party/campaign-run election on time, AND you were eligible (i.e., had registered as a Democrat no less than two days before you made the request AND not changed your registration away from Democratic through now), you should have received an email earlier this week acknowledging your eligibility to vote and giving you a code number.

If you think that you did so, but didn’t get an email on or about June 3 — and check spam before you doubt this, of course — then you should write delegates@berniesanders.com very soon (or the equivalent for the Biden campaign, which I’ll add if anyone gives it to me) and ask them what’s up.

If you DID receive a confirmation, then you should have received a ballot in your email yesterday or today.  (Again, be sure you check any spam folders.)  If not, then once again you should contact that bolded email address above.


The California Democratic Party screwed up its delegate allocations starting with CA-38.  As I’ve discussed before. the allocations start with the leading candidate (Bernie, in all OC districts) and then proceed with the next highest candidate(s), but they alternate between genders with each seat.  For example: Bernie won three of the five delegates in both CA-38 and CA-39.  The original plan was for the first delegate in CA-38 to be female and the first in CA-39 would be male.  So that would have meant two men and one woman in CA-38 and two women and one man in CA-39.

No one caught the mistake in time, and so the Bernie and Biden campaigns agreed to let the mistake stand, as it would not affect overall totals.  But that means that, to continue the same example, Bernie gets two male and one female delegate in CA-38 and two female and one male delegate in CA-39.  (I’m thus one of the people potentially disadvantaged by this, but I don’t care and you probably shouldn’t either.  It was an honest mistake.)

Here’s a chart updated with the actually current delegate gender allocations by district, as well as clarification on which campaign gets OC’s alternates.  (There’s also a rule for Non-Binary candidates, but it only affects one person in CA-49.)  The seats with gold in the unused “FemA” (female is the alternate) column are for CDs that are wholly or party in OC.


And since this IS our Weekend Open Thread, we’re also going to include …


Given the policing and prosecution problems that have existed in Huntington Beach, we will be keeping a close eye on this one.

From the HB CommUNITY Alliance:

Sunday 6/7 at 12 PM – 3 PM
Huntington Beach Police Dept.

Hello wonderful people! Please join us outside of the Huntington beach police department as we peacefully assemble to speak out against the systemic inequality of our criminal justice system and society at large. There will be four people speaking about their own experiences of racism. After they are heard we will conclude with a crash course on how to be an ally in the struggle for equality.

Please respect one another and wear a mask while we are together and as we are all used to maintain social distancing. Feel free to bring signs and a positive attitude. Together we can be the change we want to see in the world.

Sunday 6/7 at 12 PM – 3 PM
Huntington Beach Police Dept.

This is your Weekend Open Thread.  Talk about that, or whatever else you’d like, within reasonable bounds of discretion and small-d democratic values.

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