More OC CoVid-19 Deaths by City

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Dr. Clayton Chau at a June 11 press conference. (Screengrab by SCV; cropped by GAD.)

Once again, the Surf City Voice is reporting exclusively on the number of COVID-19 deaths by city in Orange County and the number of deaths from skilled nursing facilities ( the “SNF” tally includes long-term care facilities) by city.

Another reminder: if you appreciate the great work that John Earl is doing on both water issues and transparency related to OC’s CoVid-19 infections (and deaths), and if you are financially stable, drop him a few farthings (or quid, or an American currency) in his tip jar at the link!

Be brave and stay strong, Clayton Chau!

About Surf City Voice

John Earl is the editor of the Surf City Voice. Frequent contributor Debbie Cook, a former Huntington Beach Mayor, is board president of the Post Carbon Institute.