The Minority Report and Matrix Prognostication Study for the Corona Virius!

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The Psychological Advantage of the Parabolic Curve!  A very well written Fake News Term Paper for a psychology class at the University of Hawaii in 1963 was a Premise; that Leonardo DaVinci supposedly came up with – “that man’s belief in the soul”……grew greater as the age of the person was extended.  So, the simple concept was that if you started at age 1, by the age of 80 you would reach the crest of the Parabolic Curve and totally believe that each human being indeed had a soul.  After age 80, that number took a steep drop…so that if someone lived to say age of 160…..they would simply not believe in a human soul ….at all.  Obviously, since 1963, those numbers have been extrapolated to a larger extent and now, perhaps….Soul belief may actually go until someone reaches age 120….since the age of humans on this planet have been greatly extended.  Right or Wrong, foolish or truthful by accident…..who is to know?  Yet, for those who have inquiring minds perhaps we should look at the data and numbers?  The Black Global Population as of 2018 – 4.63 Billion human beings!  47.6 million in the United States. The Chinese Population is 1.42 Billion human beings.  The People of India offer up another 1.38 Billion human beings.  The Chinese population in the United States was 3.8 Million in 2010.  Today, it exceed well over 4.5 Million and we have another 2.5 Million Chinese Immigrants living the USA. If you just take California, we have 4.1 million immigrants, nearly a million Chinese, another nearly million from the Philippines, Half a million Vietnamese, and Half a million from India!  So what about Hispanics? Over 60 Million in the United States, with over 11 million living right here in the Golden State.  What about Muslims:  Only about 5 Million, scattered around the country.  Then you have the Jewish population of the United States at about 7.5 Million at last count, depending on who you are asking.  (But don’t they own everything?  The Banks, the Media, the Jewelry stores….?)  Meanwhile, the population of the United States currently is around: 329 Million.

So what we have here is the country of the United States with a very diverse culture, crossing Religious, Ethnic and Racial lines.  We live in a Global Community with a current population of 7.7 Billion human beings on the planet.  Estimates are that the Maximum Livable Population of Earth is about 9.7 Billion human beings which will be exceeded between 2030 and 2050 depending on how the world reacts to Global Warming, Population Control, War, Pestilence and Disease.  Of course, those with the resources, due to technology advances will be able to live well into middle triple digits withing five years….say aging to 150 via DNA manipulation and eradication of most current disease.

So. why the Corona Virus-19 now?  Why has one so-called Global Pandemic literally shut down all productive effort on the planet these last three months?  This is what might be called a “Demonstration Project of Global Proportions”.  As we see the clear skies in the most polluted areas of our planet, literally clear up before our eyes, because the fossil world has been put on hold….you have to ask yourself one question:  Is it really that easy to save our planet if we just stop abusing it?  The Corona Virus-19  is probably going to kill about a half million Americans by the end of the year.  That would it put it third behind Heart Disease and Cancer, but not by much.  We are averaging about 56 million deaths a year on this planet, from wars, disease, poverty and starvation.  However, we have 250 babies born per minute, 353,000 per day. We have about 2.5 times the number of births as deaths every day.  The most astonishing prediction is that “if the world could be sustained” by 2100 the population of earth will be 11 Billion and our planet will become a Methane breathing society….on air tanks to breathe.

Today, we are learning early survival skills for overpopulation.  Work at home, don’t go to restaurants, no social engagements, become members of the Matrix.  Be put on chemical feeding, on hyper-ventilators, accept deaths of people close to you without question, create a system of helplessness, a system of total frustration, a system dictating constant stress, anxiety and boredom.  Create, internal social upheavel (Encourage incidences of Domestic Abuse and Conflict), create a constant agitation and chaos everywhere, become a society of surveillance with zero privacy….not in your home, not on the street….not anywhere.  Insuring Domestic Security rather than Tranquility will become the standard.  The concept and message is simple:  “You cannot afford a family!”  “There is no financial security for anyone!”  “The power of Government is “to give” or “to take away without question”.

Let’s get this concept straight, it is not a Republican or Democrat, Black or White, Chinese, European or even Tibetan social trending idea.  This is a time, when the people on this planet will be shown that there will be NO recovery.  There will be those who have and those who have not. The Propaganda Machines will continue to work Night and Day, 365 days a year, hour by hour, minute by minute, second by second.  We will all have to keep our minds right “by ourselves”.  Those that cling to their “Tribal Beliefs”, Native American or 15th generation American immigrants will be left behind.  These are new days and they still offer us a chance to make things right on this planet.  Right now, we all seem assembled at the Tower of Babbel.  Everyone speaking a different language, unable to communicate their caring, interest and kindness for others.  As Tim McGraw might say:  “Always be humble and kind!”  As you look through your Friends and Family Address Book and see the notations of those that have passed away in the last five years and the shrinking number of good friends to may still keep in contact with….remember to “Always be humble and kind!” to those that are still around – be they family, friends or good hearted neighbors and those you do business with.  We cannot make this world a better place without cooperation, honesty and the willingness to seek out the truth from whatever source that has seven redundant support sources.

Americans went to war in World War II, because they listened to the radio.  Americans went to war in Korea, because the Military industrial Complex needed to get rid of World War II armaments.  Americans went to war in Vietnam, because of Social Upheavel at home and the war was on TV.  Americans have been at war ever since, because our economy is based on the manufacture, supply and use of Military War Machines.  The Corona Virus-19 has come along to show us how quickly almost anything can end, many forever.  Over 100,000 small businesses in this country have closed and will never come back.  As the Global economy attempts to open up……sadly the extent of the death spiral for business will continue in the United States and throughout the world.  Those numbers will pale in comparison to the loses coming because all the supply chains are broken.  Today our concentration should be centered on the New Economy which will come out of this.  Crypto Currency? Re-concomitant DNA restoration, Nano Manufacturing, 3-D 6 G  telecommunications, Event Horizons, The Star Trek Tri-Corder, Robotic Healthcare and more…….  The key however: “Keep our concept of individual humanity!”  Without Independent Thought, without Independent Memories, without Creative Spontaneity our loss will exceed our survival reality and become meaningless.  Truly the Psychological Advantage of the Parabolic Curve…in the Matrix!  The highest calling will be to secure the blessings of some concept of freedom without giving it  up for an opaque concept of security…  “Giving up our Freedom for some concept of Security…..leaves you with neither:  Freedom or Security!”  The future is truly in the hands of the younger generation.  They will have to find the solutions and answers to the very tough questions that lay ahead!  Those answers have to honest, caring and fair to all.  Tough assignment…so you better learn quick!

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