Weekend Open Thread: Foam Call

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Screengrab by Ralph Buick. (Do not watch this video while eating.)

Big Box suggested this in a recent Weekend Open Thread — and why not do it this week?  Here’s the comment he left:

You have probably heard that China has stopped accepting the world’s recyclables, closing many CRV redemption centers (although continuing deposit collections, of course !) and sparking fears of diversion to landfills given the scarcity of domestic recycling infrastructure, also surcharging plastic grocery bags (again, without a corresponding solution !)
Imagine my surprise at the following YouTube suggestion,(4 years old!) describing a sustainable solution to styrofoam, (worms) and possibly also plastic bag HDPE (bacteria, per a 2009 study mentioned at 4:09 mark) Even better, a square foot in your yard and a trip to the pet store could (at least for styrofoam) totally exclude the expensive, dysfunctional Sacramento bureaucracy.

Well, whaddaya think?

We think that this is your Weekend Open Thread.  Write about that or anything else you’d like, within reasonable bounds of discretion, decorum, dignity, and disturbance in the Force.

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