FIGHT POSEIDON TODAY – important Water Board (SARWQCB) in HB!

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1. from Orange County Coastkeeper:

What: We need you to attend this hearing to send the Regional Board a strong message that residents do not want Poseidon’s costly, unneeded and environmentally destructive desal plant in our backyard. A permit for this Huntington Beach project should NOT be approved if it uses surface intakes that will kill marine life and produce toxic brine and noise that will pollute our ocean and nearby community.

Why: Poseidon still needs a permit from the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board to get the green light for their expensive and polluting Huntington Beach desalination project. The board will soon be releasing their draft permit and determination of compliance with the statewide desalination policy. This will lay out what Poseidon must do in order for the board to approve the desal plant.

Murray  backed up by Poseidon VP Scott Maloni and enthusiastic OCWD Poseidon supporter (and former Poseidon consultant) Steve Sheldon.

[Editor’s Note to Orange Juice Blog readers: Were you missing termed-out kleptocrat Anaheim councilwoman Kris Murray?  (right) You may remember, in between leaving council and failing to get elected Supervisor, she was named onto this Water Board.  We tried to keep her off but nobody would listen…]

THIS IS OUR BEST CHANCE to tell the Regional Board what we think of Poseidon’s proposal. There is no one who can speak up for your community better than you can.

When: Friday, Dec. 6, from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Where: Huntington Beach City Hall, 2000 Main Street, Huntington Beach, CA 92648

For more information or to RSVP: email

2. Hear dissident OC Water District director Kelly Rowe discuss the boondoggle:

3. from R4RD (Residents for Responsible Desalination):


  • Ocean Plan Amendment on Desalination was adopted in 2015
  • It was designed to minimize marine-life mortality and hyper salinity
  • Additional guidelines established (including need for desalinated water)
  • Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board (SARWQCB) has chosen to ignore these policies.

R4RD was among many environmental non-profits, water district engineers & representatives, state regulators, local & regional governmental bodies, desalination industry experts, farmers, and other NGOs that were designated stakeholders in formulating the State‘s Ocean Protection Council policy on seawater desalination.

Nearly 10 years were spent developing the policy which was the “Ocean Plan Amendment on Desalination” (“OPA”) officially adopted by the State of California in 2015. The OPA was meant, in part, to complement the State’s ban of once-through-cooling (OTC) by power generators via open-ocean intakes and to bolster the Porter-Cologne Act pertaining to additional industrial use of open-ocean intakes—in this case, seawater desalination.

The OPA established factors for the permitting of proposed seawater desalination projects as to seawater intake to minimize marine-life mortality and hyper-saline brine discharge by using the Best Available Technology (BAT). Additional factors were established for determination of project site location, production, mitigation for impacts, OTC extensions, project design, CEQA compliance, discharge water quality, and, most importantly, the need for desalinated water. Overall the OPA was quite comprehensive.

Furthermore, the OPA is easily understood as was the process that established the policy. Poseidon was fully aware of policy’s development as being directly affected as well as being an active participant. Poseidon cannot claim being surprised by the OPA’s provisions—Poseidon opposed its developing provisions at every turn.


The Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board (SARWQCB) has the responsibility to enforce the OPA policy provisions in its permitting of any proposed desalination facility. Instead of requiring the Poseidon project proposed for Huntington Beach fit the policy prior to permitting, the Regional Board has chosen to fit its permits to the Poseidon project.

This is both galling and very disappointing that a public agency charged with protecting public resources would kowtow to an out-of-state, international conglomerate such as Brookfield Infrastructure Partners LLC, d.b.a. Poseidon Water LLC, to issue permits contrary to State policy.


~~Dave Hamilton, president
~~ Residents for Responsible Desalination

Click to Listen to Kelly Rowe talk about Poseidon

Tell them what you think!!

What: Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board Workshop
When: Friday, December 6, 2019 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.
Public comments are first. Should be done by 10.
Where: Huntington Beach City Hall
2000 Main Street Huntington Beach, CA 92648
Your attendance will send a strong message to the Santa Ana Regional Water Quality Control Board.


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