Why Cable is so OVER!

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We knew things were not going to go well when our pal, B-1 Bob Dornan was dumped by O’Reilly as a part time fill in host for his FOX News program…..back in 2001.  Oddly, just before 911.  Happy Anniversary Twin Towers……Gone but not forgotten on this 18th Anniversary of your passing and the shutting down of every airliner on American soil.  In those days before 911, Barbara Kay Olson was one of our favorite FOX News Pundits.  She was sharp, cute and married to Ted Olson then the Solicitor General for the George W & Laura Administration.  In those early days Brit Hume was at FOX News and another honest voice along with Flame Thrower Intellectual Charle Krauthammer.  Yeah, in those days before Desert Storm……and Bernard Shaw at CNN, people could actually listen to actual NEWS!  MSNBC was the little sister in the group and was hardly worth listening to.  The nightly news included people like Tom Brokaw on NBC.  Larry King was relegated to his softball interviews on CNN.  60 Minutes actually had some hard hitting and revealing news at times.  Those were the days before Flight 77 smashed into the front door of the Pentagon with our dear Barbara Olson on board.  Yeah, those were the days when Ann Coulter had no boobs and no decent ideas!

Fast forward to today!  Batman’s Joker is our President.  Hannity no longer has Alan Combes to balance his diatribes about Country and Western music.  We still miss Charlie Rose and his actual interviewing skills.  We now have the demise of Mad Magazine and are forced to watch “Nutcase TV News”.  Rachel Maddow is so over! (Lot’s of stories to cover tonight!) – Switch that off!  Don Lemon…(I am black…..so!) – Switch that off!   Wolf Blitzer and his entourage of young stupid cuties? – Switch that off!  Muscle Builder Chris Cuomo?  – the most arrogant redundant self-indulgent idiot on television? – Switch that off! The great array of Time Bandit – (so-called Newscasters!) is amazing.  Even Christiane Amanpour had to move over to PBS…..with token spots for CNN at times.  Jim Acosta has been relegated to standing in the Press Room of the Whitehouse where no news is ever reported anymore. The arm waving array of dumber than snot news people are capped by Hallie Jackson of MSNBC who wants everyone to be distracted enough – NOT to listen to what nonsense she is actually saying!  Today, when you can’t wait to turn off C-SPAN in the morning to watch Amy Goodwin on PBS with “Democracy Now” for some actual news….things are getting really tough.When in doubt TURN OFF THE SOUND!

But lets forget about our phony topical propaganda machines and talk about something even worse: SPORTS programming!  ESPN has killed the Golden Goose.  The game announcers are stupid, ridiculous and hopeless.  Other than that…..they are not Dandy Don Meredith, Frank Gifford, Howard Cosell or even Alex Karis.  No Jim Lampley energy anywhere.  Dwight Stones was the ONLY track and field reported that ever did a good job.  Tennis (John McInroe?), Golf (Why aren’t the old timers doing the reporting?),  Baseball (where is Mel Kyper and Dizzy Dean?)  NO…..the NFL Network really sucks!  The Red Zone was the only thing you could stand for the last three years, but now…never again!  Without Chris Collinsworth and Al Michaels……..it would be only games on the major channels – with NO sound!  The college games are bad too!  The early season walkover teams playing folks like Alabama and Ohio State?  Really?  Yeah, when did Slippery Rock ever beat any of those teams?  EVER?  The Cable company wants you to pay for these games?  People want to have you watch phony paid off Soccer Games and pay that privilege?  NO MORE PEOPLE!  NO MORE!

The Cable Companies know how to prime the pump.  You want all the Cable Channels, Broadband for the Computers, Wi-FI Phones for your home?  The Complete Introductory Package (without Porn of course!) for $180 dollars a month.  $2200 a year friends and neighbors to get Propaganda day in and day out.  You then get 4000 channels, 3850 of which are totally useless to anyone!  After about three years your Cable bill  number goes to about $325 a month, plus another $16 a month for Netflix which is separate – for whatever reason!  So, in spite of a 3.7% Unemployment rate…..Trumpster Inflation is kicking our butts.  You whined up spending $7200 a year for storage facilities….to keep your old consumer goods and collectibles.  Your monthly Mortgage Payment or Rent is easily $3200 a month….which means most people need another $38K just to keep a roof over their heads.  What about food, gasoline, drinking water, cell phones and other essentials like BEER?  Anyone walk out of a Whole Foods or Sprouts and not spend $50 bucks?  Then there is Target: $100 a visit!  Costco?  Never mind!  So many $2 grand a month for just getting by – another $24K.  How about the Car, Insurance – Home and Auto?  Another $500 a month….another $6 grand.  So let’s add it all up:

Cable: $2200, Rent: $$28-38K,  Insurance: $6K, Auto Expenses: $6K, Food and Essentials: $24K.  Well we are pretty much up to about $80K a year….just to get by.  This is the required Take Home Pay.  And what about a possible Vacation, Road Trip or visit to a faraway relative?  Add anywhere from $2K to 6K, if you are frugal!  Got kids?  Sorry we cannot talk to you without tears running down our faces!  Yeah, this is the greatest economy of all time!  You only have to make $55 dollars a hour, for a 40 hour week and not take any vacation and you can gross about $105,600.  Take out taxes….20%!  You are flush….but don’t get sick…OK?  So, you wonder what Automation, Stem Cell Research, Robots and other future break-throughs are going to do?  Take away jobs!  Lots and Lots of JOBS….gone forever!  So, we have to become innovative and create NEW Jobs.  Amazon is looking for 30,000 employees…..sounds good eh?  How much do they pay?  $15 dollars a hour, if you threaten to Unionize!  How much do Teachers make again?  How much do Bus Drivers make again?

So, lets go back to the start of this blog entry: The Title:  Cable is so OVER!  Yes dear friends it is time to just say NO.  NO FOX News, NO CNN, NO MSNBC, NO ESPN, NO more stupid TV – EVER!  When Jerry Springer and Judge Judy start to look entertaining you realize how far down the rabbit hole we have all gone!  “Days of our Lives and Bachelor in Paradise”?  Please….as Scotty said on Star Trek:  “Captain, the Dilithium Crystals cannot take the load!”  It all started with good intentions back in the 1950’s.  TV was going to be the friend to Shut-Ins and Old people, who could learn from “You Were There!”, “Texaco Star Theater”,”Show of Shows”, “The Honeymooners”, “Ed Sullivan”, “Jack Paar”, to children who could learn from: “Time for Beany, Kukla, Fran and Ollie, Mister Wizard and Howdy Doody”!  The truth is:  It has all been downhill from there!  Do NOT pay extra for Bad Cable….especially when you have been a loyal Cable Paying customer for years!  Hey, 5-G is coming if the Trumpster lets the Chinese in to give it to us.  Everyone uses APPS now.  Who are you without Google Maps?  Crazy and the tech is going to explode in our faces.  Time to start now….and this is why:  Cable is So OVER!

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