Way Off the tracks…….

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How long can we continue to allow the Fake News — CNN, MSNBC and FOX — to run our country with their very disingenuous pundits, talkers and so-called reporters?  Chris Cuomo is probably the worst of the group.  There are a whole bunch at MSNBC that should be shelved also.  Their choices in Producers is not just terrible but probably criminal.  They seldom cover the news and are more inclined to simply apologize for The Trumpster.  First of all, The Trumpster is not our President, he is simply following orders from those in charge.  The whole thing is starting to make more and more sense.  How can a dumkopf like this guy, take his entire family over to England along with most of the cabinet and play this ugly game and expect people to believe any of it?  The truth be known, his Golf Course in Scotland in going under and everyone hates his guts.  But, that being said…..how can our country continue to put up with his vulgar, obsessive and ridiculous self centered behavior?  Anyway, the recent joke of Tariffs against Mexico and redacted later behavior is really nonsense.

The Democrats are even worse….because they won’t move forward with the Impeachment Process.  Nancy has been a serious disappointment because she does nothing!  “He needs to go to Prison!”  Well, Nancy and Chuck….get moving and put that together, don’t talk about it.  As we understand out of the 267 plus Democrats in the House, only 61 have thought it was a good idea to Impeach this Dipseydoodle!  The incredible harm that is being exhibited against our country is unmatched by any previous Administration.  The slime in this Administration is so deep that even if Joe and Kamala get elected in 2020, it is going to take 4 years just to get back to zero.  Our foreign policy is in shambles, as well as our immigration policies, our environmental laws and everything you can name.  We have to say that without moving ahead with meaningful Impeachment, that Democrats are going to lose in 2020, no matter who is running.  They are exhibiting zero courage or intelligence.  Virtually all of them are busy sitting on their hands while our country runs into the gutter.

The so-called strong economy is built on a house of straw and as soon as 2020 comes, the truth will come out.  The 1% Tax Cuts of last year is killing the middle class.  The secret inflation is killing us.  Go to the market to day….and the same goods that cost $26 dollars in 2016, now cost $42 dollars.  Who pays that freight?  Tariffs are killing us slowly … and the worst of course is our largest trading partner … CHINA!

In any event, the Fed is back to printing $35 Billion dollars a month for the Global Economy…..and there is no accountability.  We have a WAR TIME Economy and without wars in 128 Countries ….we have NO economy.  We now support every Fascist Dictator in the world and expect Mitch and the Boyz to keep supporting this stupidity.

The time has come to realize that with four years our country is going into the dumpster and all the lies and stupidity in the world cannot make it any different.  So, when you go off the Tracks….eventually ….you need to get back on track.  Will it happen?  We are not sure!  Why are the Democrats running 23 people?  Four is plenty….wouldn’t you think?  Bernie is great, but this time he needs to step aside.  Elizabeth is wonderful, but should not be President or Vice President.  Our choice is simple:  Joe Biden and Kamala Harris!  Which candidates are going to create a National Homeless Registry?  Which candidates are going to expand Medicare over the next 10 years to include everyone?  Which candidates are going to have the balls to demand Mandatory Drug Testing for all NEW Firearm Purchases and Transfers?  Which candidates are going to make sure that 11 million immigrants find a way to citizenship?  Which candidates are going to make sure that Social Security  gets a 20% increase in benefits and remain sustainable over the next 50 years?  Which candidates are going to make sure that environmental laws and regulation protect our air and water?  Right now we are just Way Off the Tracks!

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