It used to be our country!

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    … Signed, Earth.

As we await the next military strike against ANY enemy on the planet we can’t help but think of the Gulf of Tonkin Resolution.  Remember that makeshift excuse for going to war in Vietnam?  What horse pucky!  Now, because the so-called War in Venezuela is taking a bit too long to germinate……well, looks like going to war with Iran seems a nice transition….eh?   How long can these stupid Trumpster voters not watch anything on Netflix?    We have a planet that is exploding with population…going to maximum overload in 2030 when we hit over 10 Billion and we run out of potable water, run out of time and run out of air.  The world is funny, as we watch Africa self-destruct.  As we watch India fall into a black hole… we watch the rest of the world panic and steam toward self-destruct.

The truth of all of this is that the United States of America has reached its limit on Bullying!   It was funny when we could blame everything on Drug Lords and Communists!  Now that we know that those people just don’t buy Raytheon or General Electric War Machines…… well, we have to come to the conclusion that Money Talks and Bullshit Walks!  Honestly, would you have any of your family members join the US Military in 2020?  Just wondering!  Those days are “so over”.  Killing folks for no reason is probably not the best course for humanity.  Of course those in charge want to kill about three billion humanoids so we get an additional 20 years of life on this planet….up to 2050!

We know this sounds all too alarmist and crazy.  The truth is… is the truth!  When most planets expire it is based on a very standard procedure.  First the CO2 productions exceeds the Oxygen replacement values.  Second, the Oceans turn toxic and kills all sea creatures and fish….because there is no oxygen going into the water.  When the Oceans turn toxic and into a methane based mixture……the air is greatly affected and then the air turns toxic.  Those that survive wear breathing apparatus with oxygen.  Eventually, many areas of the planet become Dead Zones where no life is possible.  Methane and Acid Rain kill everything on the ground.  There are many Planetiods around even our Solar System which can be pointed out as examples.  Lots of moons of Saturn and Jupiter for instance.

So, what are the solutions: (1) Stop the use of Fossil Fuel immediately! (2) Stop reproducing babies at the current rate.  Limit every family to two children. (3) Stop Poverty on the Planet!  (4) Stop illness and disease on the Planet! (5) Create incentives to make our planet better.  Sounds ridiculous doesn’t it?   You think we are crazy alarmists?  You think we haven’t a clue to how much resilience this planet has?  You think we are just freaking out because we have nothing else to do?

Here are are the facts:  Earth Day 1970 – the population of the Globe was 2.2 3.7 Billion people!  Earth day 2019 – the population of the Globe is 7.7 Billion people!  The projected sustainable population of the Globe is between 9.5 and 10 Billion people which we will exceed somewhere between 2030 and 2050!  Time to make some dramatic changes folks.

It used to be our country!  But the reality is that It used to be our World…..and today it isn’t!

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