WEEKEND OPEN THREAD: No Balls at all –America un gobierno sin juevos!

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Today, America has written its history as a place without courage.  The fraudulent Mueller Investigation has finally been put to bed.  After two years of wasted effort and a total lack of justice effort……the Whitewash has finally been completed.  It is wonderful to see our wonderful President exonerated and allowed to rip off the so-called free world for another two years with complete impunity.  Yes fellows and gals the dear Ivanka can now sell her Chinese rip off goods throughout the Globe and make the necessary Capitalistic Profits expected from such endeavors.  The Donald Jr. can now take his Fox News reject to every Diplomatic Party in Washington.  We so long for the days of LBJ and of course the great Jimmy Carter and Gerald Ford.  Our country is eating the Green Weenie and we all can now sit back and enjoy the ride.

Is there something we are missing?  Paul “The Manafort” get 47 months and an overlap of 90 months….which means with time served he might spend another 10 months before he is released and The Trumpster doesn’t even have to use the Pardon Card.  Mikey Cohen…..did we say that?  What is he going to get 15 minutes before being released?  Stone and all the others get free rides out of town.  Who needs to watch this crap on television.  Glad we discovered Netflicks – just in time.  CNN, MSNBC, FOX are all shizer nonsense…as the Germans might say.  Will never watch any of them again. EVER!  This whole charade has been so painful that we will never forget the despicable Flake News we have been exposed to.

Where is our future people?  Are we going to let Kristen Gillibrand have endless Political Rallys outside of Trump Plaza and not say anything?  Are we going to allow this nonsense to continue for another six years and then a complete takeover by Russia?  Are we going to allow Big Pharma and Big Oil to rip us off until everyone goes Bankrupt?  Just wondering!  This last two years has seen the Trumpster Tariff’s kick up the inflation of Steel and Aluminum and now 25% for all vehicles.  Add to that the transportation costs across our country and the rapid rise in the cost of Food, Gas and Prescription Drugs.  How is this all possible?

We are so pleased we went into the military when LBJ wanted to kill every young guy with their own minds.  We survived, but many did not.  The thought of going into the military now is frightening.  Would you send your son or daughter there unless they had no other job available?  Let’s get serious…..3-D Manufacturing is here and is replacing every Manufacturing job on the planet.  This government is screwing everyone as fast as they can before the Grand Fall of the Global Economy.    If it takes $130,000 dollars a year, not to be in poverty…..when will someone finally admit that?  How many Homeless will have to be on the streets?  Lots of other questions, but why bother.  Our Court System is so screwed, that we have to do everything ourselves.  Want to save someone in your neighborhood.  Better go to GO-FUND, do it yourself and pray!  This country has turned into a weak, stupid society that has no clue how to help their fellow man.

No Balls at all…….America un gobierno sin juevos!  NOW, anyone that has a pair can step up and challenge these ideas!

Biden-Harris 2020!  Harris-Ocasio/Cortez 2024

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