George H. W. the legacy! (A Weekend Open Thread)

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Our heartfelt condolences to George, Laura, Jeb and the entire Bush family on another historic day in American History! Much will be written and much will be said about someone that lived quite an amazing life.  George 41, was a legacy of the rich land developer Prescott Bush and they came from the great Northeast.  For those of us that have visited Kennebunkport, Maine and seen the Walker Point compound from afar know what a sense of history is and from where it comes from.  For those that have had the privilege of staying a few nights at the Captain’s Lord Mansion, a 200 year old Bed and Breakfast just down the road from Bush Compound, you realize that American History didn’t just appear on one night in 2018: the sense of tradition, class and quality of life are ingrained in those that live in that area and have again for over 200 years of American expansion and growth.  There is a deep and abiding sense of legacy in an area our Founding Fathers founded as their bedrock of Democracy and sense of Republic!

To essentially grasp what has happened with the passing of George 41, there might need to be a sense of proportion given to try and explain where we are and where we are going in the Global Community and this Nation of the United States.  50 years ago in 1968, the world’s population was 3.3 Billion people.  Today, the population of the World is 7.7 Billion!  Yes, our world has greatly changed in just 50 short years, when George H.W. Bush first worked in the Nixon Administration and took over as Director of the CIA, the first time!   George H. W. went to Yale and was Skull and Bones – as was George W. some years later!  Which of course is very fitting!

There has been a lot of water over the bridge since 1968, a Vietnam War, A continuing War on Drugs, The Savings and Loan Disaster, The Fall of the Berlin Wall, Operation Desert Storm, Waco, Whitewater, Elian Gonzales, 911, George and Laura 43, The 2nd Gulf War, The Enron Debacle and the Energy Crash in California, The National Financial Crash of 2009, Barack Obama – the first Black American President and of course:  Donald J. Trump – the first Real Estate Developer to Occupy the Whitehouse!  One thing is certain:  Without Barbara Bush – none of this would have been possible!  Barbara was the likable Mom that every American could relate to.  Barbara made George relate to American people, by keeping it real.  Barbara even gave George W and Laura the support they needed to keep going when the going got tough!  Not to mention Jeb as well, when he ran in Florida!

Yet, the Legacy of George H. W. Bush is not entirely glowing.  He surrounded himself with the likes of his arc rivals Donald Rumsfeld, James Baker and some other very interesting personalities that included Ken Lay and Jeff Skillings.  After George H.W. left office, he was without trepidation connected with the Enron India Dam Debacle.  “Those without sin, should cast the first the stone!” they say and because of that we can only remain silent to further extrapolate or speculate on those subjects.  Let’s just say that George H.W. Bush was a true American, with all his faults, moles and scabs…..he was able to bring out exceptional qualities at certain times.  Ronald Reagan indeed was forced to take him as his Vice President.  As much as the popular press would have you believe that Reagan really wanted Gerald Ford…..we remember the true goings on at the time.  The Reagan kitchen cabinet here in California had to knuckle under to the Eastern Establishment.  Yet, having said all that – Reagan survived the assassination attempt, got a great astrologer in Joan Quigley and lived out his eight years in office with George H. W. and Barbara by his side.  Thank you Nancy!  Thank you George Schultz!  Thank you Ed Meese!

Anyway, George H.W. Bush was the greatest of survivors – 94, not a bad run!  He knew the business of government, he knew power structures, he knew how the system worked.  George H.W. Bush, was an American in the broadest sense of concept.  His sense of history, his sense of family, his pragmatic understanding, his willingness to do the hard work and his consciousness – that politics is just a game that has to be played with class!  This is why George H.W. Bush will be or may be remembered as a wonderfully flawed, scruffed up political baseball, with grass stains that could still be pitched with a tremendous curve or slider – when necessary!  George H.W. Bush will be remembered more often for lesser things like jumping out of a perfectly good aircraft on his 90th Birthday or saying “Read My Lips”!  The truth of course is much deeper and enriching to the historians in our country.

Big hugs to the entire Bush family…..all of you guys were and are still pretty darn amazing!

George H. W. the legacy!

[And this is also your open thread.]

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