Ashleigh Aitken goes after Lorri Galloway in Anaheim Mayoral Race!

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Ashleigh’s Three Best Galloway Hits, from Thursday’s St Boniface forum:

1. In her very first statement, Ash sounded the alarm on Disney recently hitting a record $1.5 MILLION funneled into this Anaheim election, and added that they had MAXED OUT to not only Harry Sidhu (who as usual didn’t bother showing up) but also to “Ms Galloway.” A furious Galloway retorted that Disney’s contributions carry no weight with her, and added, “You should see how much Ashleigh gets from her fellow TRIAL LAWYERS.” For the rest of the evening a defiant Ash referred to herself as a “proud trial lawyer.” What did Galloway think this was, a John Birch Society meeting?

2. Who best supported Measure L, the living wage for resort workers? Ash: “Unlike some folks here who showed up at the living wage town hall 8 months ago, I didn’t sit in the very front and center, get my picture taken, and then immediately leave early.” Yup, we too saw Galloway do exactly that, in the time-honored tradition of uncaring grandstanding politicians like Correa and Brandman. In contrast, Ash stayed late, took notes, signed on, walked and got signatures, and has been deeply involved ever since.

3. Ash admitted to once, early on, having a meeting with Disney and some other resort interests. Rather than listening to what they wanted from Anaheim, she told them “what Anaheim wants from them. They were polite and listened, and I never heard from them again, never got a dime from them. APPARENTLY THEY WENT SHOPPING FOR SOMEONE ELSE.”

It’s become painfully clear that, just as I predicted last year, the only purpose for the value-free Galloway’s pathetic campaign is to drain just enough Democratic votes from Ashleigh (the endorsed Democrat) to allow Sidhu to win. This is a solid that Galloway is doing for Disney and Pringle, doubtless in return for future help with her Eli Home. I was hoping to be able to ignore this woman for the rest of my life, but apparently I can’t and neither can the unions or Democrats. So prepare yourselves for a Deluge of Galloway Truth this week.

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