Regarding Todd Spitzer’s Love Affair With L.A. Trash

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The Orange County Grand Jury says we should stop importing trash from Los Angeles.

But OC Supervisor Todd Spitzer, apparently riffing off Emma Lazarus, responds:

“Give me your trash, your garbage, your debris,
Your steaming refuse yearning to degrade,
Used tampons, pizza boxes, Styrofoam,
And waxy Q-tips piled on lettuce heads!”

What the “F,” really now, we actually take in trash from Los Angeles?

In the mega-trash war we wage every day, DA candidate Todd Spitzer sides with LA trash coming over here to OC landfills.

We have precious land here in Orange County and the landfills will eventually be full.

In this county and even the country, you know we have a trash problem. You only have to look at how much trash you make every day, how many times you empty your trash in the can on a daily or weekly basis, and how many trash cans are out in your neighborhood every week for pickup!

We pay a ton of money to haul away our tons of trash and we have limited space to put it. We will be buried in our own trash if it is not properly administered.

Todd Spitzer says we have enough space in our land fill till mid-century – and that would be 2050, or 32 years away. Your children, my children, the younger generation are gonna what, eat the trash?

Is this just a love of trash or love of the paltry few million the county takes in from the trash deposited here from our neighbors to the North?  Does Spitzer love the trash deposited in our county or does he love the money he gets from Los Angeles political donors?

Todd Spitzer might not be around in 32 years – he will be going down to a place far below… and perhaps this author will have to join him and will eat turd sandwiches with Todd in our afterlife buffet, but certainly we can make sure OC residents don’t have to live in a trashscape.

Maybe Todd has a fetish for trash; many have odd needs that must be met. In an old episode of Barney Miller the officer says to the other officer about a pervert’s need for women’s shoes: “For everything in the Sears Catalog, somebody somewhere wants to sleep with it.”

Even if there is a fetish involved here with Todd Spitzer in his love of Los Angeles trash, that does not mean that the rest of us should have to engage in this odd perversion also!

If I had a fetish for women’s shoes I would not, as an elected official, force others to sleep with women’s shoes – and our future generations should not have to sleep with Los Angeles trash! (And no I do not have a fetish for women’s shoes, as far as you know…)

Again let me add – if we were all forced to sleep with the fetishes of our nutty elected officials as a rule, there would be no room in any bed for us among the litter of toys, power tools, shoes, underwear, socks and food – not to mention the older man dressed as a boy/girl with rabbit ears and a raccoon tail!  (Although there might not be enough of those guys to go around!)

So why does Todd Spitzer want our future generation to live in a bed of trash from Los Angeles?

I know that the problems of us little people don’t amount to a hill of beans in this crazy world, but sometimes we need to speak up, so please email Todd Spitzer and tell him Orange County should not be expected to take the trash from Los Angeles.

Orange County Board of Supervisors emails:

Fingal O’Flahertie
Resident of this fine, fine planet for 63 years

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Fingal is an Orange County resident/entrepreneur, sometimes world traveler and man about the house.